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April 17, 2018, 12:28 PM
Too many great opportunities.

I bounced this idea off of a few trusted friends in the last couple of days.

I'd give 10 people a thousand bux each, to use for 90 days to chattel their way to profits. I thought it was a good idea. THEY (advisers) didn't.

TIME is my issue, as always...I'm more productive than ever, just not with the money making things of the past, like INFORMATION products.

My NEW project, as discussed in MORE MONEY AND MORE FREE TIME,
is a customized USB device, loaded, and locked, to be sent to people who want it.

This a throwback to the 1990's when people sent out CD and DVD with locked content, and a password. USB devices are so small now and can hold so much, it may be a great deal, we're testing.

Rob & Melissa, the FleaMarketFlippers have given some great inspiration to a whole new generation of chattelers. Although, just for your edification, a pocket watch and pen, could make you thousands of dollars without having to ship and use pallets and trucks. My mantra has almost always been BACK SEAT OF SMALLEST CAR...is about the only chattel I like to look at.

I also don't care for antiques, BUT, I do have people in my network who will let me know what their READY BUYERS are looking for.

READY BUYERS, yea, that's the ticket. In any marketing, money making venture. People or entities ready to buy. My model, low cost reports, mostly at 10 bux and a few times a year to a list of buyers, numbering into the thousands, works for me. But we each get to choose our own way.

Anyhow, I was bemoaning my lack of time and having several good ideas, which probably won't get acted on, I lamented...

HOW could they come about? What would that Joint Venture look like? How to find people who FOLLOW THROUGH with projects and get them completed.

Honestly, too many people, too much time wasted for me, on people who talk and don't do. I think we all must face a hard truth, we won't ever get around to all the ideas and great projects we COULD do, so we have to choose where to put our time and energy.

Right now, my time is focused on HOLLYWOOD, as I've been discussing the last year or so. But, my "free" time, because I use the techniques in MORE MONEY AND MORE FREE TIME, can be leveraged even more with some good working relationships, just so hard to find.

The subject of COOKBOOKS came up yesterday, and CreateSpace would be perfect for these types of works, and I have about 5 sketched out and for the most part ready to be seized by a younger more ambitious person other than myself, I'm afraid my interest in food and cooking has gone the way of my interest in Golf. I find them both boring at this stage of my life.

That doesn't mean the knowledge should go to waste, I just can't figure out how to get it out of my brain, into a commercial product without spending too much time on it, I need gold miners. People to sluice the nuggets from my mind and to turn them into golden bars. You would think that would be easy.

OH, well, we all have too many great ideas, and as long as my machine keeps taking care of the bull dog, and I have time to pursue my interests, prolly better off staying focused.

But darn you guys, you do have some winners IF, IF you only get around to doing them, and maybe your answer might be with the outsourcing resources you'll find in MORE MONEY AND MORE FREE TIME.

Any ideas appreciated.


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