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April 20, 2018, 11:31 AM
Like we say here in Africa,

"What the elder sees while sitting down, the youth may not see even from the tallest tree"

I'm always amazed at the deep insights packed inside Gordon's "short" reports.

(It must have something to do with his DECADES of actually being in the game.)

Another benefit I get from the reports is that they are so easy to digest. And each read reveals new nuggets.

Again, let's not forget that I "met" Harvey Brody through the works of Gordon. Even the Brody motto "SPIDOG" speaks volumes

Thanks again, Gordon

P. S. Great post, by the way. Indeed the opportunities are right in front of us...

Cuyahoga Falls High School, the Black Tigers, although our tiger has stripes and looks like a regular one (go figure)...

Thanks unpinkpanther, small bites, one at a time, to eat an elephant, or so the saying goes.

Yesterday I bought a few reports off of Warrior Plus, low cost, but more than I usually charge...and I thought they were awful.

Huge text, big formatting, little content which was useful...it seems like that whole AFFILIATE marketing has become a huge circle jerk (which apparently has entered into the mainstream lexicon, dictionary.com and current political parties, both with huge circles)...

Anyhoo, I'm at a point where I can barely read a HOTSHEET, and can't deal or tolerate the rambling and fluff and long copy and all those personal anecdotes and stories.

Give me information I can use.

Or entertain me.

Or educate me. Just quit BORING me to death.

We have, as I wrote in the MORE MONEY AND MORE FREE TIME report, TOO MANY CHOICES.

Everyone is time strapped, and it just keeps on tickin away, we used to call it Time Management, but whatever it is called, it is spending your hours...

And my point has been for the last two decades, CONTROL YOUR TIME, or someone else will.

I like little blocks of two hours... CONSISTENCY.

And let them add up, USE time, to get a lot done, by doing a little bit every day...

in this neck of the jungle, we have a saying, "What the youngster sees before him, the elder says, "What the heck is IT, I can't see a damn thing."


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