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April 21, 2018, 11:11 AM
Every week, I get an offer or request from someone to write COPY for them, and this in spite of me NOT being a copywriter. Sure, I've written copy, and some of it has done well, but mostly as a part of being a Creative Marketing Professional.

In the big companies I worked for, they had a group of copywriters, and they were mostly paid a salary, only a few worked on commission.

Becoming a Copywriter is today a BIZ-OP, and from the San Francisco school of copywriting to the Miami school, to the GURUS and organizations, AWAI in particular...


Why don't I cash in on that dream and offer copy writing classes (I do, at 10 bux a lesson)? ...is the question I get asked often. Why don't I participate in the big circle jerk of copywriting training?

Simlply because I think the whole FREELANCE thing is akin to my worst NIGHTMARE. Dealing with clients.

There are some good teachers, less hypey than most, I like Colion Theriot for ideas on making money without jumping through those old copywriting rules and laws of a bunch of dead guys...

And I think Abbey Woodcock does a great job with the back office, the actual business of being a copywriter. Good stuff from both.

But, the pitch is to writers, who think they can easily make a six figure a year income doing what they love, writing.

HOGWASH to that. YES, there are a few 6 and seven and even 8 figure copywriters, I know several...but the typical copywriter coming out of one of these courses has a reality...

They are going to spend their time working for someone else and at the end of the year, at the bottom line...maybe they could have used their writing skills to WORK LESS and MAKE MORE. Which of course has been my mantra for decades.

Why have headaches of clients if you don't need them? Why be on the phone, sending mail, doing Internet stuff, if you don't have to?

I think it is great for those people who want to be copywriters, and work hard and get clients and sell tons of supplements to the sheep (not a single supplement has a significant study behind its claims)...or any of the other bullsh*t items which need copy to sell them.

If you dream of being a copywriter or marketer, be careful what you ask for you just might get it.

I don't like clients because of the TIME committment. They can't pay me enough to take away my time to sell their crap, and since I think almost all of it is crap, it would take a lot of persuasion to convince me otherwise.

But, if you like clients, working with people, being on their schedules, their deadlines, meeting their demands...go for it. Lots of moolah to be made with clients.

Just know there is a lot of moolah to be made without them too.

Six figures a year, the magic carrot dangled before would be copywriters, all while with their feet in the sand at the beach sipping cool drinks, what could be better than that? Just read the Facebook pages of hundreds, maybe thousands of would be copywriters who work a full 40+ week and still don't reach the magic six figures.

What would someone have to do to bring in that amount? Many ways to do it, why, maybe even by selling low cost information products like the guy at eBay who sells the VooDoo manuals.

Even a small list of 600 to 1000 people might work, and online, a 1000 people on a list is considered small. We've got several thousand on our combined lists.

But a 1000 people would have to spend 100 bux each wouldn't they, or maybe 10 bux 5 times, and 25 twice...small little bites, little bits of information which for the most part is NO BRAINER buys.

It is a decision to spend 297, 497 and more, but getting 10-25 from a list of people who have bought from you before, not all that hard, is it? Just guessing here, but I'm sure some of you here have sold more than one item to the same person. Some, maybe, even over and over and over and over again because, heck its only 10 bux. Why not, eh?

Anyhow I hate slop and mess and dealing with clients, when there are so many other less TIME CONSUMING options to bring in moolah. And there are those ways which have scale to them. Just as easy to sell ONE buyer (like a Walmart) on buying 100,000 than it is to sell one product to 100 thousand buyers, right?

Of course, you get to do whatever you want. You want clients, swell. It is your time. Spend as you please.

Just know that someone (ME) has told you there might be a better way for you. I don't know if there is. But at least I've thought about it, I looked at the world with eyes wide open and saw the vast oppoirtunities we all have to do our own thing....

IF we know what our thing is and what we want and or what we should be doing (our mission in life).

If you have an inkling there might be something better out there for you, a good start might be to read MAKE MORE MONEY AND HAVE MORE FREE TIME

At 10 bux, its a no brainer, and besides, no one is getting rich or making much money from a lousy ten dollar report, are they?

Good luck with your clients, if you want them.


PS. Before you ask how many lessons at 10 bux each, to become a good and money making copywriter, it could be one, or 10,000. How would I know?

It depends on what you bring along, you might be one lesson away from becoming a six figure copywriter, or you may be so headstrong, a 1001 lessons won't help you out. I do know, those OFF THE RACK COPYWRITING COURSES don't work for most people, other wise guys like Theriot wouldn't have 27,000 members in a Facebook group. And safe to say the majority of any copywriting group have spent a pretty penny on their education, eh?

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