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April 26, 2018, 02:14 PM
Thanks Gordon,

I did a study of Roger Corman and his "Shlock" Movie Niche. I Study the BEST of The BEST and Roger is The BEST at making NO-RISK Munny Making with movies there Ever Was.

He made 7 movies a year - More than 400!

Which NICHE - all other Movie Makers Have now STOLEN -
Because THEY TOO Noticed
Roger Never - Ever Lost money on a movie.

(Except one in the Early days About Black-White Prejudice in the South. YUP.
He Really Went there and Documented that and didn't get himself Killed. But
nobody would buy his movie - either.)


Roger's SECRET was NICHE Movie Making.

HORROR and SEX combined - especially.

He'd give Brilliant young movie makers like Jack Nicholson and Ron Howard
25,000.00 to shoot an entire movie. Ignore their HOWLS that they needed more money. FORCED them to THINK.

And then s*old these Movies to Chains of Drive In Movie Theaters.

I just looked at his movie list.

He made a move out of a LOT of Edgar Alan Poe HORROR Stories. A Proven
Story - so a No-Risk movie Topic.

House of Usher
Pit and Pendulum

WHICH Brings me to my MAJOR POINT.

In The Days when I used to QUIZ the owners of Movie Rental Stores They
said, "50% of my Rentals are in the HORROR Niche. Without HORROR movies I'd go Bankrupt."

I'd see kids going out of Movie Rental Stores
carrying TEN HORROR Videos. (That Stuff Gives ME Nightmares.)

A Huge Percentage of Rogers Movies were Horror. With a Lot of SKIN Thrown In
for the Movie Posters.

PROOF - This link has 25 Of Rogers Movie POSTERS on it. A Scantily Clad GIRL - Front and Center.



P.S. - Son of a Gun. And here I was Giving 5 Time NYTimes Book Best Selling
author and Comedian CHELSEA HANDLER - Credit for a CREEPY book Cover.

And Roger Corman Came up with the IDEA for the Movie Poster for "Munchies"

And Chelsea STOLE IT.

Total BAD TASTE - Yes.

But like a Car Accident.

You can't look away - immediately.

Here is Chelsea's Version of Rogers HORROR MOVIE Poster....


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