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June 8, 2018, 06:33 PM
Colin Theriot posted a video at his Facebook site, The Cult of Copy. It is an hour well spent, and he has also posted up a graphic of his OUTLINE of his talk.

THAT outline and the ideas on it could be worth a fortune to a few of you.

Instant Info products made from case studies, interviews and templates are three great ways to create a product as quick as you can.

And toss in a HOTSHEET along the way, and you have something to use to generate leads, generate interest and generate PROFITS.

Highly suggest this video if you are struggling with your ideas.


PS. I KNOW many struggle because you initiate complicated projects, but this shows how quick and easy INFO products can be created. I am of the opinion it is better to get one little thing done, than spend months and years on the BIG idea, many of which, FROM YOU, have never made it to the marketplace. This video might do you some good. Probably not, because even little info products require ACTION.

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