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June 16, 2018, 11:18 AM
Over Breakfast, I was asked about the Boz, and why would he go to the ATM when he had all that cash?

I don't know. But that started a discussion, which I find interesting, maybe we can all cite some examples and create a NY Times bestseller? In the vein of Chicken Soup, where we each contributed a little story.

Men and their Money WEIRDNESS.

To people like us, we with the common sense, it can be baffling...when we hear things which just go against OUR way of thinking. And maybe this is at the center of this, OUR way of thinking.

I don't know why Boz got all that cash, and for all I know there could be a million bux buried in the desert six miles north of Carlsbad. But I thought it a bit weird too.

But, I'm from this background: my dad, a barber, put ten cents of every dollar he made into a cigar box, it was HIS money.

Both my older brother and I had to start paying rent at 15, which meant we had to have jobs, I find it lucky we both graduated (barely) from high school because we weren't very good students.

That cigar box money was HIS. He paid himself first. Now I don't remember ever starving, being a chubby thing myself, but I do recall him telling us, HIS money was not for food, clothing, shelter or for the FAMILY. Weird?

I thought so at the time. Now I've discussed my eclectic religious childhood, with the many varied and colorful different churches I went to...but there was a common theme (in the 1950s) in all of them...

Wives were the HELPMATES. Men were the bread winners and heads of the family. Probably most of the world still believes that, and it makes TV shows like THE HANDMAID'S TALE all that more realistic.

Whether it was a barber, like dad, or POTUS Trump, (probably) with his PreNup agreements, and why would we doubt he has them after the first two marriages?

There is this vibe with men and money.

When I had my golf shop, almost every guy had a stash of cash in his golf bag, there buried under half a dozen Titleists was a money clip with his "play" money.

Do you think Trump has a bag of cash buried at Mar Lago? Or on one of his golf courses? HMMM.

The other childhood lesson was that money was a private issue. We weren't suppose to ask about it, or want to know how much someone had. It just wasn't talked about, or as Pop would say, "none of your business" when I asked about the cigar box.

To my mom's credit, during those early years, she took in sewing and did hair, for her "PIN" money, which I reckon was her equivalent of the cigar box money. Again, none of my business, as she made it very clear.

I do know that in my family on both sides, MEN controlled the bank accounts, and doled out the family allowances. In retrospect, all these men, even my poorest uncles would have enough for a beer down at the joint, pretty much whenever they wanted...while the women had to account for every penny they received.

The exceptions were for my Aunts who worked. They had their own money, although it mainly went into the family account.

Men and money. Some strange things, idiosyncrasies and oft hidden agendas?

Do you have CASH the Mrs. doesn't know about? Do you have any stories about men and their "weirdness" with money?

We, the ones with the common sense, have you seen any behavior regarding men and their money?

Now, some of my dad's thing, I think, came out of him being a depression kid, not having anything, and what money he did make had to go to a family, which is why he joined the CCC as soon as he could.

I think my mother got some of her secrecy re: her pin money from her mom who tolerated an abusive drunk husband. There may be some deep seated reasons why people keep their money a "secret", and maybe that is a good thing too.

I don't know why men do what they do with their money be it buried in their golf bags, under a cactus, or stashed in the garage behind the tools.

I do know many men are 'WEIRD' when it comes to their moolah, do you?


PS. The opportunity. I almost forgot. Speaking of making some money, at the Warrior Forum was a post by a guy who does HVAC work, mostly cleaning vents type stuff, looking for a way to get more business.

Spend half an hour at the WF, look through all those off line and other subforums where people are looking to promote their business.

Then think. Gee, I could do a Co-op EDDM postcard, feature the HVAC guy on the front, for free, and sell six to 8 ads.

I would put or ask, a carpet cleaning company, some pizza shops etc. to join in. Make it a CLEANING DAY themed card. Get your vents and chimney cleaned, go have a pizza with the family on us. Get your car washed, go out for ice cream, and when you get home, clean, clean, clean.

Something like that. One thing I see WRONG in my mail box, is not enough reasons to be bothered.

Scare me with a picture of a dust mite (100x they look like monsters), and give me a free pizza, you got my attention. Just a thought for those who need a quick money making opportunity, but shhh, don't tell the wife.

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