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June 20, 2018, 09:53 AM
New book, THE CREATIVE CURVE by Allen Gannett, a good read, good practical advice.

OLD book, picked up at library discard cart: THE BEST HOME BUSINESSES FOR THE 90s by Paul and Sarah Edwards. Those guys are awesome.

So I picked up this book with the idea of seeing what they suggested in 1991, a PRE Internet time for most people. Compared to today, small numbers of people had computers, modems, fax machines which were required for many of the businesses in their book. I had a computer at home since 1985, blinking green text on black. YIKES. Before the incredible invention of the 3.5 floppy disc.

Anyhow, here are a few tid-bits. I tried to find their highest income ideas, to the lowest cost, to the easiest to operate, etc.

Highest income potential: Professional Practice Consultant. Helping doctors, dentists, lawyers, CPAs, etc., with their practices. Avg. $155k.

Easiest to start: Car detailing. A can of wax.

Newest: Desktop Video, with HIGH costs.

Evergreen: CLEANING services.

Highest demand: Cleaning services.

Recession resistant: Resumes.

Little known: Association management.

Best All-Around: Cleaning services.

Gosh darn, 27 years later and we haven't yet gotten things cleaned up? HA!

Expand this into trash hauling, apt. prep, industrial, accident and incidents, and you can't go wrong with cleaning, in 1991.

Biggest income difference between low and high were among COPYWRITERS and CORPORATE TRAINERS, low end was squeaking by, upper end was a quarter of million bux.

Take note, Paul and Sarah have written 17 books, have thriving businesses (she's a Dr.) they have done pretty,

pretty, pretty, pretty


with their REPORTING and writing/speaking about HOME businesses for over 35 years.

I wonder what today's list would look like, so if you care to contribute.

What is on your list of:

Highest Income Potential.
Easiest to start.
High demand.
Recession resistant.
Little known.
BEST all around.

I think Dien Rice covered a lot of these in his two books, which in my opinion, are every bit as good as the ones Sarah and Paul Edwards wrote.

My list:
Hi Income: Entrepreurneurship.
New. AI and 4k video.
Evergreen. Food.
High Demand. PLATFORMS, for attention.
Recession resistant. KNOWLEDGE
Little known. Surveillance.
Best all round. Whatever fits YOU! (Although postcards have no cost entry, no investments, or overhead, is evergreen, high demand, recession resistant, easy and can be expanded into something yuuuge).


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