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Dien Rice
November 5, 2021, 08:37 PM
This seems like a "crazy" idea...

But, 11 years after they started, they're bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars a year...

The product?

Button up shirts with shorter tails... designed to be worn outside, and not tucked in...

The company is called UNTUCKit...

Could you think of an idea like untucked shirts?

Investors ridiculed the idea... They thought it wouldn't catch on...

They hated the name, too.

So... don't let the "naysayers" stop you!

The only way to really know is to "test" it in the market place...!

Hey, if they can do it...

You can check out their story here...

How an Idea Nobody Believed in Led to 8 Million Shirts and 88 Stores for Retail Phenomenon UNTUCKit

Best wishes,


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