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Dien Rice
November 11, 2021, 06:28 PM
Many may not realize that the difference between Veterans Day and Memorial Day is the following...

Memorial Day is when we honor those military servicemen and women who died in the course of duty, serving their country.

While Veterans Day (today) is when we remember those still-living military veterans and show gratitude to them for their service.

This forum was co-founded by an ex-Navy man, Gordon, and many of those who come here were formerly in the military too.

Like many others, I have military servicemen in my family history... Probably the most prominent was my great uncle, who had a career in the US Navy. He was also quite financially savvy. After his Navy career, he invested his Navy pension into an apartment block in San Diego, and did very well financially. Maybe it's no coincidence that his son (my first cousin once removed) ended up marrying a realtor!

Thank you to all servicemen and women, both here on the forum and elsewhere, for your service!

Best wishes,


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