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November 12, 2021, 12:45 PM
Well, I am happily retired.

But once in awhile, someone makes me an offer I can't refuse (thanks Uncle Guido). And that is his pseudonym, to protect us both.

But UG wants more applicable information on the INTERSECTION and PREOCCUPATIONS.

He claims I am the only person out here talking about it when it comes to selling, copywriting and marketing. I don't know how true that is, but I have been preaching it for a few DECADES now, so I may have originated the application of it.

An INTERSECTION is where your (talking to salespeople, marketers, copywriters, businesspeople, etc.) promotion, or sales message meets with your prospect.

Hopefully you have attracted the right kind of a prospect to this intersection, and hopefully, you have brought BUYERS there, but no matter...

Imagine your phone ringing, you don't know who it is, but you decide to answer it anyhow, only to be greeted by someone or a robot trying to sell you something. It is amazing this works but most of us just click with a certain annoyance and a reminder to self not to answer calls you don't recognize or know who is making them.

Or a knock on your door. A disturbance. An INTERRUPTION to whatever you are doing.

So, I am teaching UG how he (or is he a she, I'll never tell)...but the person with the gold asking for my help...

I'm teaching all about HOW to set up an INTERSECTION and how to get the right kind of people to come there for a happy ending for all.

It begins before the knock on the door, before the call is made...it is about UNDERSTANDING what is on your subject's mind, or as I prefer, your TARGET.

When you have done your homework, your due diligence, and have identified your ideal avatar, or person/group you WANT as a customer, then the job is to bring them to the INTERSECTION for a meeting, albeit mostly by REMOTE means.

All this so far, OLD NEWS for most long term SowPubbers, they've heard all this before.

But now, today, NOV. 2021, it is about application of this knowledge.

The secret today is knowing which emotional words will most likely do the job for you at the INTERSECTION.

And that is what I am teaching UG. And I thought, since I'm doing it for him/her, maybe others who have not been exposed to it would be interested in how to do it.

If not, me and UG will just carry on and make some gold.


Maybe a new course? Prolly not.


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