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Dien Rice
November 19, 2021, 02:19 PM

I agree that it takes time and consistency to have a successful Youtube channel. In the example I stated with Kara and Nate, they saved for a year and planned their travels. Taking the $30,000 they saved, they traveled the world and planned for a year long trip. The trip actually took 4 years, and they made quite a bit a money from Youtube from what I see in views. Kara and Nate are now going across the US with sponsors on their channel.

Your links to the videos of drawing explanations could help making the videos easier. But as you said, it's gonna take time. :)

One thing I see consistently, is videos of cooking, recipes, and the like. (We gotta eat, don't we?)

Find a niche or take the time to build one. At least, if you build a video channel, it is something you can do from home, in your study or office (or kitchen) and not have to slog to a job if you are successful.
Thanks Millard!

My wife and I had the idea a few years ago to do a "cooking" channel on YouTube...

She's a great chef! But...

There seem to be more "disasters" than average around her in the kitchen (in terms of fire alarms going off, dishes going up in smoke, etc.)...

The idea was to do a "cooking" show, where she would show how to cook a dish...

But, every "episode," a disaster would happen!

I think it would be funny if, even after the disaster, the dish turns out perfect!

Anyway... It was a fun idea... But it would also be a lot of work... :)

It would be like making your own TV series... :)

Best wishes,


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