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November 26, 2021, 02:59 PM
Thanks for Helping Me Choose a Headline for my New Mp3 Book Dien,

The PROOF that Dien and I are Equally Stupid?

Both of us Chose A LOSING Headline.
(We bribed our Customer list to VOTE on Headlines)

And we BOTH picked
a Loser.

THE NEW INFO PRODUCT COMBINES Insurance Sales and Pornography.

YOU Are Not Dreaming.

Insurance Sales and ****.

Just Discovered a Sales Question that Closed a 181 Million Dollar
Insurance Deal.

In a TED TALK Video
Where the Woman Talked
about how her Uncle Pimped Her out
By Asking THAT QUESTION over and over.

I Recognized This Conversational Sales Strategy..

MASTERMINDING this Video - We Shared it with a Couple Guys
with Homes in 3 States and passports for 3 Countries - Who Date Strippers.


Got sent to a Two Different Interviews
where this SAME QUESTION is being used
with Young Women.

SPECIFICALLY - By a Adult Movie Director
to Get 18 Year old "Actresses"
to appear in his Movies.

SINCE - For 21 Years We've Used FLIRTING to Teach SELLING.
(Got the idea from Dr Milton Erickson)
**** Is Always FIRST on The Net with NEW IDEAS and Tech.

It struck me as ODD.

Although we Too Use This 181 Million Idea for Sales.

We Have NEVER Watched a Video
of someone go from BORED to BEYOND EXCITED.

I - So Far Beyond that Girl #1 Said YES to 5 Scenes in one week

II - So Far Behind EXCITED that Girl #2 Shared Dreams and Fantasies
that Give Mr Director CONTROL of her Emotions.


Use a Adult Movie Interview to Teach a Very Advanced
Sales Technique - which Can Make You Extra Moolah From

That Said...

Which Headline Do YOU Like Best?



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