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Dien Rice
December 2, 2021, 10:38 PM
I want to thank Glenn too!

Glenn is a pleasant enigma (and master marketer)...

On the one hand, he is running around his farm, chopping wood... (No need for a gym.)

He's also tipping many $1 bills or lotto tickets to lucky waitresses, waiters, and chefs, throughout the meal...

And occasionally, he's getting the attention of motorists...

ALL in a positive way!

When it comes to cold sales, I feel the hardest part is making that positive first impression... Yet when people like you, they're also more likely to want what you're offering...

It's really quite ingenious! :)

Many smart people have signed up to be on his email list...

Best wishes,


P.S. Some other places to check out...



I just want to say "Thank You" for putting up your new site,


I have ALWAYS enjoyed your stories and adventures with people around the world.

Ha ! The only challenge is that there is so much stuff, that you want to try everything ! :) I always did like to experiment.

I think the best reason I like your stuff is that it gives me another way to do nice things for people in an entertaining way.... I like to see people smile and laugh, after all. I've been a people watcher since high school.

Keep up the good work.... I ALWAYS look forward to a new story.


P. S. Have you ever thought about writing a sales course for big sales companies?

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