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December 6, 2021, 03:45 PM
Thanks Dien, Gordon,


Just Wow.

What a Co-incidence Gordon. (Wink Wink)

I Was Wondering How to INTRODUCE this Topic. And You are Way ahead of Me.

I Recently Discovered
"The Actuator Secret"
(I found a book by an author who is attracting Six Figures with a Wonderful ACTUATOR. You Do not see or talk to anyone when you Take Action.)
Which when Added to What
I am Already doing - is Putting 1000's in my pocket.

I Just do my Regular PAY IT FORWARD
and This New Anonymous "Actuator Effect" Multiplies the Moolah.

#1 - Met a Guy, Floyd, on Gummn't Dole. His Phone is Always at 1%.
So I Bought him a Solar Charger.

#2 - I Get a Phone call from a Total Stranger. Inviting me to a Party. (Floyd Referred me.) This total Stranger mentions his MOM will be there.

#3 - Common Courtesy - I Get a Christmas Card. Write "Thanks for Inviting Me
to Your Party."
And Stick it in a Box with a Little Fuzzy Bunny Wabbit Finger Puppet. Wrap it in
Red Xmas Paper.

#4 - In a Restaurant Banquet room full of People I am The ONLY ONE who brought a Thank You/Xmas Card/Gift for The Hosts Mom. (In Fact, I am The Only One Who brought a Xmas Card.)

#5 - SAME DAY the lady who owns the House Floyd Rents from Emails me, "I just
painted my front door RED. People Don't like it. What do you think?

#6 - Since Floyd and His Landlady are both coming to the party I Wear A GIANT KNIT RED Hat to the Party. TO LET HER KNOW I LIKE The Color RED. And Keep it on while there.

I took a Pic.


#7 - The Party Host Reads my Thank You Card. Checks out the Blue Bunny. And
Introduces Me to Rick - a Millionaire Landscaper. Who Sits down Beside me. ME STILL WEARING the RED Hat.

#8 - Rick tells me About His Condo at the Beach. And Let's Slip his son is moving
back so He has to Grow The Business. I Share a Case Study about a TX
Landscaper who adds 400K to his income every Xmas by Putting Up Holiday

#9 - Rick Writes his name and address and ph # on one of the 3 by 5 Cards
I always carry.

#10 - I Ship a Billion Dollar Aussie Sales System to my current ChainSaw
Landscaping Contractor. (The M&M Jar Program I Sell that I told You about.)

#11 - My Intention was to Compete the Two VS each other to Lower The QUOTE
I get from them when I hire them to Cut up 17 of my Dead Oak Trees. For Firewood.

#12 - Before I can Ship the Same M&M Jar to the New Landscaper - Rick - (Mr
Chainsaw Contractor #1 - ALAN) calls me and Cuts the 2100.00 Quote for 6 hrs
of Work to 600.00. ("DONE. Let's Go" I say.)

#13 - We Cut up two huge Oak Trees. I split them up with the Sledgehammer.
Store the wood in the Shed. Ask ALAN, "When Can You Come back to cut up
more Trees. Answer - "CHRISTMAS." Yikes - this is not good.)

#14 - My Realtor Client, Ralph, Calls to say, "I Broke a Sales record. My New Sales Goal per month is 50 Million. I Ship him a CONGRATULATIONS M&M Jar. (Email with Directions on how to Get Referrals from Each Affluent Home Buyer and Seller.)

#15 - Ralph The Realtor Calls to LAUGHINGLY Complain his Wife Has DISAPPEARED with the
entire Jar of M&M's.

#16 - The RED Door Lady Emails me. "Can You Burn Maple Wood? I go over and
There is a 2 1/2 foot thick Maple - Dead and Dry wood perfect for burning. I
start cutting up the Dry Branches with the ax. Put them in the Truck.

1000.00 of Free Wood - except I have to cut and Haul it away.

I took a Photo -


#17 - ALAN the ChainSaw Contractor is still dragging his feet. So I Email Him a Copy of my "How to Save 100.00 a Month off Your Electric Bill" Article.


A - Explain he can Raise His Client Quote by sending this Report SAME TIME.

B - Email him Directions on how to REWARD his Top 3 Best Clients with The
1000.00 Cash in Your Pocket Report.

#18 - VOILA! Alan The Chainsaw Guy Shows up in 48 hrs. Cuts up the Dead Maple in the Neighbors Yard. (Cheap and quick because I trimmed all the branches off.)

#19 - 5 Hours Work we cut up two more trees = 500 bucks. PLUS for the First Time Ever by Any Contractor. ALAN has his Trainee ROLL 35 Huge "Rounds of Wood" Each Weighing 300 lbs or more - over next to the logging road. SAVING ME Hrs and Hrs.


That Reminds me. ALAN said his wife and daughter Ate ALL of the M&M's. So gotta ship them some more.

Glenn Osborn

P.S. - Below is a Link to a Recent Moolah Attraction INCIDENT. Took only 15 Minutes to Pocket 10 Bucks. CHA - CHING.


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