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Dien Rice
December 9, 2021, 01:50 AM
Hi Glenn,

Wow... What an awesome story!

Some people may wonder...

Why do some people seem to get ALL the opportunities?

All the opportunities to advance in the world...

To make it big, to make it better, to make it higher?

Glenn's answered it... With stories like these! :)

Thanks Glenn!

Best wishes,


Thanks Dien, Gordon,


Just Wow.

What a Co-incidence Gordon. (Wink Wink)

I Was Wondering How to INTRODUCE this Topic. And You are Way ahead of Me.

I Recently Discovered
"The Actuator Secret"
(I found a book by an author who is attracting Six Figures with a Wonderful ACTUATOR. You Do not see or talk to anyone when you Take Action.)
Which when Added to What
I am Already doing - is Putting 1000's in my pocket.

I Just do my Regular PAY IT FORWARD
and This New Anonymous "Actuator Effect" Multiplies the Moolah.

#1 - Met a Guy, Floyd, on Gummn't Dole. His Phone is Always at 1%.
So I Bought him a Solar Charger.

#2 - I Get a Phone call from a Total Stranger. Inviting me to a Party. (Floyd Referred me.) This total Stranger mentions his MOM will be there.

#3 - Common Courtesy - I Get a Christmas Card. Write "Thanks for Inviting Me
to Your Party."
And Stick it in a Box with a Little Fuzzy Bunny Wabbit Finger Puppet. Wrap it in
Red Xmas Paper.

#4 - In a Restaurant Banquet room full of People I am The ONLY ONE who brought a Thank You/Xmas Card/Gift for The Hosts Mom. (In Fact, I am The Only One Who brought a Xmas Card.)

#5 - SAME DAY the lady who owns the House Floyd Rents from Emails me, "I just
painted my front door RED. People Don't like it. What do you think?

#6 - Since Floyd and His Landlady are both coming to the party I Wear A GIANT KNIT RED Hat to the Party. TO LET HER KNOW I LIKE The Color RED. And Keep it on while there.

I took a Pic.


#7 - The Party Host Reads my Thank You Card. Checks out the Blue Bunny. And
Introduces Me to Rick - a Millionaire Landscaper. Who Sits down Beside me. ME STILL WEARING the RED Hat.

#8 - Rick tells me About His Condo at the Beach. And Let's Slip his son is moving
back so He has to Grow The Business. I Share a Case Study about a TX
Landscaper who adds 400K to his income every Xmas by Putting Up Holiday

#9 - Rick Writes his name and address and ph # on one of the 3 by 5 Cards
I always carry.

#10 - I Ship a Billion Dollar Aussie Sales System to my current ChainSaw
Landscaping Contractor. (The M&M Jar Program I Sell that I told You about.)

#11 - My Intention was to Compete the Two VS each other to Lower The QUOTE
I get from them when I hire them to Cut up 17 of my Dead Oak Trees. For Firewood.

#12 - Before I can Ship the Same M&M Jar to the New Landscaper - Rick - (Mr
Chainsaw Contractor #1 - ALAN) calls me and Cuts the 2100.00 Quote for 6 hrs
of Work to 600.00. ("DONE. Let's Go" I say.)

#13 - We Cut up two huge Oak Trees. I split them up with the Sledgehammer.
Store the wood in the Shed. Ask ALAN, "When Can You Come back to cut up
more Trees. Answer - "CHRISTMAS." Yikes - this is not good.)

#14 - My Realtor Client, Ralph, Calls to say, "I Broke a Sales record. My New Sales Goal per month is 50 Million. I Ship him a CONGRATULATIONS M&M Jar. (Email with Directions on how to Get Referrals from Each Affluent Home Buyer and Seller.)

#15 - Ralph The Realtor Calls to LAUGHINGLY Complain his Wife Has DISAPPEARED with the
entire Jar of M&M's.

#16 - The RED Door Lady Emails me. "Can You Burn Maple Wood? I go over and
There is a 2 1/2 foot thick Maple - Dead and Dry wood perfect for burning. I
start cutting up the Dry Branches with the ax. Put them in the Truck.

1000.00 of Free Wood - except I have to cut and Haul it away.

I took a Photo -


#17 - ALAN the ChainSaw Contractor is still dragging his feet. So I Email Him a Copy of my "How to Save 100.00 a Month off Your Electric Bill" Article.


A - Explain he can Raise His Client Quote by sending this Report SAME TIME.

B - Email him Directions on how to REWARD his Top 3 Best Clients with The
1000.00 Cash in Your Pocket Report.

#18 - VOILA! Alan The Chainsaw Guy Shows up in 48 hrs. Cuts up the Dead Maple in the Neighbors Yard. (Cheap and quick because I trimmed all the branches off.)

#19 - 5 Hours Work we cut up two more trees = 500 bucks. PLUS for the First Time Ever by Any Contractor. ALAN has his Trainee ROLL 35 Huge "Rounds of Wood" Each Weighing 300 lbs or more - over next to the logging road. SAVING ME Hrs and Hrs.


That Reminds me. ALAN said his wife and daughter Ate ALL of the M&M's. So gotta ship them some more.

Glenn Osborn

P.S. - Below is a Link to a Recent Moolah Attraction INCIDENT. Took only 15 Minutes to Pocket 10 Bucks. CHA - CHING.


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