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January 28, 2022, 10:04 AM

I would like a suggestion from you. I am looking to test ADS on Facebook that they are SUPER-timely, and include the SUPER-timely situations like events on the Country, dates, etc, at the headline. So basically the most SUPER-timely I can get, the better.

PRODUCT: Educational Toy of Wood – a monkey figure as a magnetic labyrinth with a pen and little magnetic balls;
MARKET: Grandmothers (they are better buyers than moms);
TIMELY EVENTS: In this weekend we have prime-minister elections; Hard times due pandemic; ending January/starting February;

I am trying to make it stronger this headline, and would like your opinions (forgive my grammatical errors in English. The original headline will be in Portuguese):

(UPDATE: this version was rejected from Facebook. No "election" word. No Politics allowed: )

ATTENTION GRANDMOTHERS: On This Important Election Weekend 29th And 30th Which Is Now Taking Place Make Your Equally Important Decision To Start Take Off Your Grandchildren Off The Screens In February!

This is the new "clean" version:

ATTENTION GRANDMOTHERS: In This Important Weekend 29th And 30th That Is Running Now Also Make Your Decision Now To Start in February to Take Off Your Grandchildren From The Screens!



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