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January 28, 2022, 12:54 PM
I haven't posted a mailbag thread in a long time. So, here goes.

Someone emailed me asking about Skip Rossell, and that led to Stewart Kime, who we discussed here in 2007 but I had forgotten about Stew and had to have my memory refreshed.

Then I remembered, looking through old boxes. Stewart had a publishing company, some Mountain Publishing and operated out of Idaho, I think. Anyhow, he was an old timer a mail order guy and I did remember his book on mail order.

Well, during my dive into old boxes I came across Hubert Simon and some original Harvey Brody materials. I think, there is one SowPubber in Japan who has a larger collection than I do, but I have spent a fortune these past 40 years buying all these things, mostly about making money in mailorder, and now I need to have my memory refreshed.

I fell in love with PUBLISHING at a young age, and have been involved one way or another for over 55 years; YIKES.

And guess what?

The exact same things are needed TODAY, if you operate an online business or an online money maker, I always seperate them because there are a lot of people making money without an acrtual business (i.e. chattelers).

Many here know of my time with Ben Suaez' company and I am fond of his NPGS formula.


These have survived the test of time.

And the 3 things anyone and EVERY one should know in order to make money, online of off, with or without a business is:

TARGET Now called avatar, or prospect, and we must know all we can about this person or entity BEFORE we intersect with them.

KNOWING what is on your Avatar's mind at the INTERSECTION is critical to success (or rapid and quick and easy success).

Also, a unique sales proposal, now often called an irresistible offer, a Godfather type offer they can't refuse.

Many people get this all messed up, and it is probably one of the easiest things to correct.

VALUE, or in many ways, giving more than expected, having your customer HAPPY.

Odd thing about a famous formula. AIDCA

Attention-Interest-Desire-Conclusion-Action or however it is taught doesn't include the S I learned as a young man.

SATISFACTION Add the S on to the AIDCAS and now you really have a great repeatable formula to use.

Those Old Mailorder Mavens, many of them no longer with us, as well as friends of the forum, like Skip and Pete Egeler and others too, have left us a lot of practical and useful information.

As I was diving through old boxes of stuff, I realized it was a very small part of a library I once had and I felt a loss ...

treasured bits from scores of people I have studied and learned from.

But I am happy to be able to share here, for the past 21 years, some of that knowledge and information which, hopefully, have helped SowPubbers to prosper in their lives.

So, I open the mailbag again, IF you have any questions or want to talk about any of the old timers, or even new gurus, send me an email


And I will post anonymously, unless told otherwise, your questions and render my best answers, even if I have to dive into the basement and attic of my mind and clear some cobwebs out of the way.


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