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February 2, 2022, 10:22 AM
Who was Gary to demote anyone?

I love his work, he's top 5 on everyone's list, probably.

Take his MUST read 9 books, and one of those was 7 Steps to Freedom II by Ben Suarez, and I have more feedback on that book than anyone in the world...and it is NOT A MUST READ for copywriters, in fact, may be very boring and repetitive for anyone who's read the other books on the list.

Lant rubbed a lot of people the wrong way (as I do too). The big world of copy writers and remote direct marketers was not a burning man love fest, there were no campfires and they all sang kumbaya.

Drayton is great, one of the best, maybe THE best still alive old Masters of the game, I love his "suffer no fools" policy, while still being Gentlemanly as you say.

I discount what one guy says about the other. Trash talk. Smack. Ego maybe, but if there was fraud, or illegal activity which can be documented or affirmed, that is a different thing.

I know (in fact, have audio) of some of that Smack Down talk, and as salacious and entertaining as it might be, it is totally useless in finding out what anyone of the good teachers can give us.

The ART part of Copywriting mirrors the fine and performing art world, one can appreciate the art, without liking the artist.

So, who gets demoted, who gets elevated, is the dual sided sword of a Critic, and as someone who accepts praise the same as criticism, with a THANK YOU and nothing else I ignore other people's opinions and reviews of things.

Praise is a cool misty rain on a hot, humid Summer day, and Criticism is an Ice Storm on a freezing Winter day, but like the duck, I tread water and let both roll off my back.

But, many of us are scared of what other people think of us...it is human nature, maybe I'm not human...

...every once in awhile I glance sideways in the mirror, and I swear I see my eyes blink like those of a lizard.

Too many drugs? Or??


P.S. I like Drayton's teaching style, I think he gives a lot of great advice, if one will actually follow it.

Thanks Gordon.

Interestingly, what I read about Jeffrey Lant I liked.

I've been putting off reading some of his stuff because Gary Halbert demoted Jeffrey Lant in his newsletter.

And about the great Drayton Bird, do you have any opinions?

Drayton Bird worked for David Ogilvy, and he's a gentleman. Drayton responded gently and thoughtfully to me a few emails I sent him. For me it's the stereotype of the English gentleman.

His copy is full of charm.

By the way, interestingly, this Amazon reviewer that reviews several classic copywriting books, reminds me you Gordon. Seems as like you, he is too a copywriting encyclopedia, even rated Jeffrey Lant's Copy Cash 5 stars:



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