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February 3, 2022, 11:34 AM
I've talked about building networks of buyers for 40 years, it was a big part of the first Chattel Report, sold offline only.

In that report I showed how to set some networks of buyers up.

But as it has been with all of my off line activities, I don't share that, or didn't until today.


Some of my connections are in a buying FRENZY. Why? Supply problems, DEMAND rising, and the economy.

If you have JUNK sitting around your house, of almost any kind, NOW is a good time to turn it into cash.


Back story: 30 years ago I and my associates ran ads in the circular pubs, often called adsheets. I've linked to them before, well, OK, I'll do it again:


Well, I keep an eye on these, participate in some programs, which I keep offline and very seperate from what I do online.

One of the most popular ads I ran was called I'M BUYING. Here is what it looked like:


A SowPub member has been working on his publishing project for over a year, and is soon to launch, and the circulars will play a big part, I offered some advice over the year.

I am about to RELAUNCH my I'M BUYING hotsheet, BECAUSE...

THERE IS SO MUCH DEMAND today for so many things, much of which can be found in basements, attics, garages, sheds, storage facilities...it is time to get all of that stored value out of storage and into circulation.

I'll have more details later. NETWORKS was probably the most important thing in my Chatteling reports, yet, a very small % actually built them.

THIS is the year to help people who are searching, seeking and BUYING and some are even paying nice FINDERS FEES, which I will cover in the new I'M BUYING circular.


P.S. I've always kept offline (except for postcards and a few other things) very apart from online, it was something established over 25 years ago, and part of not only NOT PUTTING all your eggs into one basket, but keeping the baskets very far apart from each other too...or the Paranoid's Guide to Keeping Your Moolah out of sight of the criminals. HMMM, a new report? HA!

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