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February 8, 2022, 10:27 AM
Well, hey there ... FUTURE.

How's it going?

Me? More than likely in the stands, watching from the sidelines, laying on the beach, getting a massage.

PROBABLY not involved.

So why in the world am I learning all things Web3?

BECAUSE, with my Feb. offer, someone contacted me about helping them with an NFT offer, and I said, huh? Me? You want this really old dog to get into that hunt? Must be out of your mind, eh?

He said, well, I will still have to SELL my NFT with copy and you know how to appeal to people, don't you?

Like, what was that, a swipe at my ego, a challenge, a reminder of what I used to do for a decent living?

So we here are, and 2022 is going to be a major tipping point toward the future and all the things mentioned in the title.

It has the feel of the early WWW, a wild west show where you can find the gold and strike it rich pretty quickly and there was unlimited opportunity.

Today, much of that could be for our 9 year old grandchildren, who may have a crypto wallet and offer a Crayola rendition of the Mona Lisa as an NFT, and we art speculators can buy some frehsly minted coin (invisible as it may be).

I am in an accelertated learn mode, any good FAST, how to, especially short videos and voices of the future? Who are you all listening too, watching, learning and getting advice from?

I may not be around for the future, but it doesn't mean I can't be of some service, if nothing else, helping the future to identify their audiences, write some copy, teach them some influence and well, make a little dough to be able to afford those frosty drinks on the beach, eh?


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