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February 9, 2022, 07:15 PM
It is still amazing to find so many people wanting answers to questions, without asking and answering the ONE question they should ask themselves.

What is the INTENT?

Questions like, which is better long copy or short?

Which is better a book or a blog?

What sells more, specific of general information?

Should I .... whatever. This one really irks me, if you have to ask complete strangers what you should or should not do, man, yous in bad shapes man.

What are you trying to do? Sort of like my what do you want question, but this one is not as hard to answer, is it?

So many people say they want to do an information product, but it seems many NEVER get around to it, frustrating for someone trying to help them.

What is the INTENT? I can make it 3 words, WHAT'S YOUR INTENT?

Shouldn't be that dang hard to answer, or what am I missing?


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