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February 15, 2022, 09:14 AM
...in a single sentence.

I've been accused of being cryptic. OK. Guilty as charged. Also, I float Red Herring balloons, which have proven handy over the years for making important discoveries.

I once wrote a song, with apologies to Band NENA, which I called 99 Red Herring Balloons. Anyhow...


One of my many money making gems. Even lottery winners have bought or stole a ticket, they DID something. Inheritances and gifts from MeMaw aside, in the world of getting our hands on some cold hard cash, an

EXCHANGE has to take place.

If you buy into this premise, then it starts with the nothing, and that then becomes SOMETHING. Which is>>>>>>> What?

On the GJA-SQ1 Pictogrigm of finances, we see sources and distribution, TAXES before anything else, and what is left is, well, what is left.

The sources of the SOMETHING are:

Legacies (the only time you DO get something for nothing)
-Real Estate: Land-Buildings-Housing (Use and Appreciation)-Leases-Rights-Rentals-Sales

-Chattel (personal property)-Art-Collectibles-Boats-Cars-Stuff

-Business ownership> Absentee-Stocks-Participatory-Joint Ventures-Partnerships

-Proprietary ownership> Patents-Copyrights-Formulas-Processes-KNOWLEDGE.

If you have one that doesn't fit the list, please add it.

Now, most people GET, You Don't Get Paid for Doing Nothing.

But it is often the SOMETHING which is where they get stymied.

I've seen that this year (the last month and a half), for those who would like me to create a report and get them started in information selling, they don't know WHAT that something is, the thing they need to DO to make money.

With information, it is SELLING, the creation is either fun, fact or hard to do, but with outsourcing and PLR, content is the easiest thing to create.

It is the SELLING of the information which matters.

So, the SOMETHING you do to get paid is to make an offer of what you have to someone who MIGHT be interested.

And that starts another cryptic chain of thoughts. See?

WHO, for me, always comes before the WHAT.

There are 3 ways to GET PAID FOR DOING...

Doing> Shoveling snow, cleaning headlights, washing windows, mowing, making pizzas. Doing MULTIPLIED via OPD Other People Doing for you.

Selling> One could offer these above DOING services as a middleman, like Angi (formerly Angie's List) or the paid ads on Craigslist.

So You can sell your own stuff, either acquired or produced by yourself, or you can sell other people's stuff, like AFFILIATE marketing.

Advising> Or coaching, mentoring, supervising, guiding, leading.

The SOMETHING is going to be one of those THREE things, not a list of 30 or 40, but deciding on whether you will do, sell or advise.

It becomes less cryptic, and more clear.



is another hidden GJA mantra, the Triad of
Money is a MEASURE of value.
Money is an EXCHANGE of value.

To GET more, give more.
Another stereogram of GJA cyptology.


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