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March 1, 2022, 08:07 AM
One of these days.

Unlikely. But, I do have several at the ready.

So Dien, a little research and you have some more ideas for your newsletters.

COPY WRITING HOTSHEETS. I have laminated five pieces of paper. The first is PI, the ol preoccupational interrupter, the headline, preheadline, subhead, opening salvo. Another is the POP, which is #1 when trying to write to influence.

The writer on the left, the TARGET on the right, with all the details filled in.

Then the OFFER sheet, it deserves its own sheet.

PAGE 4 has the KEY emotional words to use for the particular PI.

And page 5 are facts, dimensions, features and reasons why.

The main reason I haven't published it, laziness.

The group has seen my one page Pocket Pro series, having offered the DIRECT PERSUASION for free. It is the one I carry daily, not laminated, but could be.

My TARP, Think And Reach Par Golf tips, on 4 by 6 cards, laminated, with a "shower" ring to attach to golf bag. A pro on the course at your service.

Nursing STUDY GUIDES are an evergreen best seller.

And here is an idea, a personalized deck of cards, these can be made from pics and family ideas.

Wallet size business cards, laminated, can work and a laminated magnet for the fridge is still out there too.

The fun thing with laminators, there are so many choices, and even little self sealing packs, which allow for a lot of fun testing.

Get laminated, get profits.


Also, for some IDEAS, Google study guides laminated, images, and see a plethora of l a m i n a t e d ideas, any one which could be an income stream.

AND, I once created cards of the BIRD HOUSE CARTOONS from 7 Steps to Freedom II, as a sort of a how to Graphic/Comic of the remote direct marketing business.

Hi Gordon,

These are truly awesome ideas... Which are inexpensive to start, and also FAST to start too...

I've thought about doing the laminating thing myself (but didn't get around to it)... It's a great way of turning a sheet of paper into a physical product. It could be sold online, and posted or shipped to the customer...

Cheap to start... Fast to start... Then profit... :)

Best wishes,


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