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March 8, 2022, 09:28 AM
Thanks Dien,

Sure, we as a a world should fear any nuclear bomb, or even a reactor melt down. But the good old BOMB (and they can be very big, or very targeted) these days can do a lot of damage, even more to the psyche.

A modern ground/air war will do immense damage to cities, infrastucture and humans which could last for years. Hopefully, the article is right, and we wouldn't want a CRIMSON TIDE event on our hands, those ballistic missilies underwater give me the nightmares...

But seeing a vibrant modern city destroyed, terrorized and reduced to rubble doesn't require any group to OK the big red button, just one MAN, and this guy, will not Blink LIKE during the Cuba missile crisis...and he has the power to green light ground and air forces to strike.

Glad it takes a village to kill us all, but takes only one village idiot to do a lot of damage.


Even though many don't mention it, many are worried... Will Putin push the big red button? He's been threatening to do so...

I've read some heartening news...

I've read that there is no single big red button that Putin (or Biden, for that matter), can push...

Rather, there is a process in place, where multiple people need to accept the orders to launch a nuclear war. This has been in place for many decades now...

There is a claimed letter by a FSB (the successor of the old KGB) agent, where he writes about this...

He says... (Translated into English...)

"To offer further cynicism, I donít believe that Putin will press the red button to destroy the entire world.

"First, itís not one person that decides, and someone will refuse. There are lots of people involved in the process and there is no single 'red' button.

"Second, there are certain doubts that it actually functions properly.

"Experience shows that the more transparent the control procedures, the easier it is to identify problems. And where itís murky as to who controls what and how, but always files reports full of bravado, is where there are always problems.

"I am not sure that the 'red button' system functions according to the declared data. Besides, plutonium fuel must be changed every 10 years."

(See here ... https://twitter.com/igorsushko/status/1500331257225355265 ... If you want to read the whole thing, which is quite long, it's here... https://twitter.com/igorsushko/status/1500301348780199937 )

I've read similar things elsewhere. Hopefully this structure (of needing the approval of multiple people) is still in place in Russia...

Here's proof that many are worried...

Business is booming... for doomsday bunkers! Texas-based company claims sales have spiked '1000%' for units ranging from $40,000 to $8.5M after Russia invaded Ukraine

While there are risks, and may be some hardship with higher prices, I believe that most of us (on this forum, in the places most of us live) will get out of this fine...

One thing few have mentioned is that Russia is the world's largest exporter of wheat, and Ukraine is the fifth largest.

Sanctions and the war will have a big impact on wheat prices, especially in places like the Middle East... And increasing food prices can lead to revolutions. Many say that the high price of wheat was one of the triggers for the Arab Spring...

In 2010, wild fires decimated Russia's food crops. This led to a big increase in wheat prices in the Middle East (which get most of their wheat from Russia)... And many say that was a big factor leading to the Arab Spring series of protests and revolutions... So surprising follow-on effects like this could lead to further world turmoil...

The Middle East will suffer from the grain shortage due to the war in Ukraine

Stay safe!

- Dien

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