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View Full Version : You up with the latest trends... like this one?

Dien Rice
March 17, 2022, 05:59 PM
A recent trend in the US is for a strange-sounding condiment...

...Banana ketchup!

Apparently it's big in the Philippines, and has been since WWII, when they ran low on tomatoes for regular ketchup (aka "tomato sauce" for Brits and Aussies).

However, someone came up with a replacement using bananas, which they had plenty of... It's dyed red to look like regular ketchup...

However, searches for "banana ketchup" have been trending up the last couple of years in the USA... A condiment trend!

I've never tried banana ketchup... but I plan to get my hands on some as soon as I can!

- Dien


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