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March 22, 2022, 10:59 AM
Another of Harvey Brody's star students, Joe Sugarman, has passed away. Known for his blu-blocker sunglasses and many hall of fame direct response ads for electronic gadgets he is fondly remembered.

I just got an email from Harvey yesterday, alive, well, in perfect health and still doing gangbuster business. He is more involved today than ever. I suggested he share his health secrets with the rest of us.

Some of his mentees have left the bldg, along with Joe Sugarman, Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy (oops, he snuck back in), Jerry Buchanan while still others are going strong; Ben Suarez, Jay Abraham and more.

I loved the JS&A electronic ads of the 70's, 80's, and his blublocker sun glasses informerical is a classic hall of fame ad too.

I have often spoken and written about the Parade of Life, and I marvel that Harvey Brody is still in front of the parade with his baton showing us the way to financial freedom and independence.

Joe Sugarman was in a class of superstars and his light was brighly shone throughout the world, so bright, in fact...we simply HAD to have us a pair of blublockers.

I hope the next generation of these remote direct marketers leave a legacy as the old timers did and are still doing, like Harvey Brody.


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