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Dien Rice
April 2, 2022, 12:43 AM
I recently spent a couple of weeks or so in hospital...

It was due to a diabetic foot ulcer (as I'm type 2 diabetic)...

The vascular surgeons wanted to amputate, at a minimum, a few of my toes, and possibly even part of the foot...

When they told us that, my wife (who was visiting me in hospital) started to cry...

Luckily, we found a different way, led by an endocrinologist, who thought it may be treatable with surgery (to cut out the dead and infected tissue), antibiotics, and what's called a "vac dressing"... That's a kind of dressing with a vacuum (the air-tight dressing is attached to a portable vacuum pump), which somehow helps the tissue to grow back faster.

So, he gave the go ahead for that treatment...

A few weeks later, thankfully, things are looking up. All toes are still intact, and progress looks positive!

But... there was one more indignity...

Hospital gowns! (Also known as patient gowns...)

You've seen them on TV shows and the movies, even if you haven't worn one... They tie up in the back, and leave little to the imagination...


Hospitals like you to wear them because they provide convenient access, when needed, to the doctors and nurses.

It also makes it easier to go to the bathroom, and to bathe yourself... Especially since many hospital patients may not be very mobile, or may be incapacitated in some way...

I've gotta say... wearing one of these, you quickly lose your sense of modesty!

They're plain... You won't see the typical hospital gown being worn down the catwalk in Paris any time soon!

In Australia, Bob's wife Sharon shattered her wrist in five places. She had to go to hospital, and wear a hospital gown... They were not impressed by its look...

So Bob, who was retired from the army, and Sharon decided to do something about it.

He knew nothing about fashion... But they decided to try what they could!

As part of their idea, he actually attended a six-month fashion design course.

With some knowledge, they started designing and creating their fashionable hospital gowns...

They create hospital gowns which are functional, comfortable, and look good too!

They sell them directly to the public, to those who are happy to buy their own hospital gowns for their stay in hospital...

You can see their creations here - https://hospitalglamour.com.au

There's also a business in the USA doing something similar... Which you can see here - https://www.gownies.com

It's an innovative idea!

Wearing one of these better-looking hospital gowns would no doubt make many patients feel better about themselves... Which could even help speed up the healing process!

Best wishes,


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