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April 13, 2022, 04:57 PM
Thanks Dien, I'm going to talk about our "mistakes", which they weren't so much made as chosen and this only to any economic baseline this forum could have taken. There are forum with tens of thousands of people.

I remember sitting with you and Rick Smith on the Shearaton Veranda and discussing what we'd want in a forum. Although business was the main focus we gave ourselves permission to discuss anything that interested us.

In hindsight, putting together two HIGHLY intelligent, good looking guys who are of the ADD variety, maybe should have been thunk about a bit more.

I know, yes, we both got fat and ugly with time against us, but it didn't effect ouir nokledge did it? HA!

If I were advising someone else to start a forum today, I would say SINGULAR purpose, focus, and family of products/services. Then, if you have other interests, create a different space for those and split your time between your interests as you want.

Over the past 22 years, we've had some adventures, you traveling the world, me traveling the states, tending to our many outside interests as we went.

What I am saying, would not be possible for us, because of ADD or as I prefer ECLECTIC interests ( a little reframing see) is I doubt either of us could have built and SUSTAINED a project if we had been forced to focus in on the one thing as Curly of City Slickers might say.

One mistake with INFORMATION, maybe, and I'm really guilty of this one, is I didn't keep the work in circulation long enough and update regularly to keep it fresh, something I would advise others today to do.

We should scores of reports, courses, HOTSHEETS and dozens of Automatic Product Vending sites, but as really smart people say, "it is what it is".

We've done well, but we have probably left enough money on the table to have been able to buy a nice dinghy for Tiger Woods' yacht, ya know?


I'll say this...

If you ever wanted to get into the "game" of making money from information (and it's a fantastic "game" to get into)... This is a very rare and valuable offer from Gordon... Because it's not always available...

Gordon got me into the information game... And I love it!

Not only will you end up with a product... You'll end up with additional knowhow, too, on how to do it...

If (and I said if) you want to get the money rolling in from selling information... Then I would not ignore this offer from Gordon... As you will then miss out. Then you'll just be left wondering what could have happened...

I started working with Gordon over 20 years ago, and never looked back!

You'll never look back too... :)

Best wishes,


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