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May 2, 2022, 11:02 PM
Thanks Dien,

Last time Bill and I met he told me to, "Keep in touch."

So Naturally I haven't visited his site in 10 years.

Lotta good ideas on there.

I already made some notes.


Here is my SECRET to Getting ANYBODY On The Phone.


I Just Mailed a Case of Cannon off to a Millionaire Lady
I met on a Referral Network Zoom Call.

She was The ONLY ONE already sending her Top Clients Surprise Thank
You Gifts.

This is Very Simple.

#1 - You Send This Report to the Office of the VIP you wanna Talk to.

#2 - You Phone to Make Sure They Got it Ok

#3 - You Explain That the THANK YOU REWARD Confetti Cannon You Sent their Boss IS DANGEROUS - Unless Everybody in the office READS the SAFETY DIRECTIONS.

#4 - 100% of the time THE BOSS comes on the phone LAUGHING. (And this is BEFORE they Cannon Arrive!)

"Confetti Cannon Safety Directions -

Thanks Dien,

Here is The Safety Report You Requested When I Called You.

Even Though The Confetti Cannon Thank You Reward I sent Your Boss is SAFE. (Compressed air And Bio-Degradable)

You Might Want to Avoid Some of MY MISTAKES.

A -- The Confetti Cannon Thank You REWARD Idea Comes from, John Legere, CEO of T-mobile. I spotted him Shooting Confetti into the offices of a Top Sales Person.

A Fun Reward.

B -- Restaurant Test. While Waving At A Waitress Thru the Glass Door of a Restaurant I shot a Confetti Cannon at her.


I missed the glass. Got Confetti all over the roof!

AND I almost Deafened a friend who was with me. So Lesson Learned! Aim Better. Don't Shoot A Cannon Off Close to Peoples ears.

C -- Garbage Guys. I ran out of the house at 8 am.

Shot a Confetti Cannon at The Driver Thru his Truck Windshield. Then Handed out 3 Confetti Cannon. Driver and 2 Guys at the back.


My Trash Guys now Carefully Deposit my plastic Trash Can In My Lawn. Where Before They Flipped it high in the air. On Freezing Winter Days Here in Maryland THE FLIP -- Cracked the Cold Plastic from Top to Bottom.

50 Bucks for a new Trash Can.

My Neighbors Across The Street, However, SUFFER. (They Sneered at my Confetti Cannon Pay-It-Forward Idea.)

In Fact I just picked up 32 Pieces of their Latest Garbage Can. After THE FLIP it must have rolled into the road. Gotten SMASHED to bits by passing cars.

D -- While Out Walking I met a New Neighbor -- Just Moving in. Two Pre-teen Kids. So I drove back with 3 Confetti Cannons.

Shot one onto The WIFES CAR Windshield -- in her driveway -- with her inside. Then Gave her two More for her son and daughter.

Everybody in that family WAVES when I go by.

E -- OOOPS. My Bank Manager is mad at me.

I shot a Confetti Cannon at her Office Window. Came inside and Gave her one.

While Saying, "Here is a Thank You Reward for all Your Help."

She was Happy at first. Started doing all my Deposit Slips FOR me.


She gave My Confetti Cannon Reward to her hubby. Who Shot it off in Her Living room.


Bio-degradable. But SHE had to Clean it up.

AND Blamed me!

F -- The USPS Mail Delivery Lady Worked out Much Better!

I shot Confetti at her truck.

Gave her one.

She came Back Laughing the next day. She let her son shoot it off in her front yard. He Loved it.


My Packages no longer get tossed on the sidewalk. Or dropped By the Mailbox where any Tom, Dick or Mary can Steal stuff.


Glenn Osborn

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