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May 19, 2022, 11:51 AM
who's not ready, holler I.

Jay and The Techniques.

We had apple, pear and peach trees in my yard as a kid, my mom could create a zillion things from just what we grew, toss in Rhubarb and Cherries from across the street, and yummy to my tummy.

And the big 5 make nice liqueurs too, as my Granny used to do back in the holller, that is when she ran out of moonshine, HA!

My aunt made a killer fruitcake, I think about 200% alcohol, started it in June and my Thanksgiving, it was ready to be mixed and baked, the best (and only ) fruitcake I ever enjoyed eating.

I think you'll do just fine, use all of your marketing skills to promote and have fun.

I love this business idea.


Thanks for support, Gordon! Unfortunately pomegranate is not what we produce as we make our goods from what we grow by ourselves and we don't have pomegranate tree at our garden, though we tried to cultivate it. We have apple, pear, appricot, peach and plum trees. Also I am thinking about trying to grow grapes and making a wine.

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