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May 26, 2022, 01:50 PM
They are:

Jewelry. Sure everyone knows it is a huge market, but which easy to sell to niche is waiting to throw dollars at you?

Wood. Of course all things woodworking, including tools, but what is the fastest selling item which can put money in your hand tomorrow?

HOTSHEETS. You knew I had to say this one. I've shown you many over the years, but which type can you create in the morning and have sales in the afternoon? I know, do you want to?

Food. Yes, yes, yes, all food markets are evergreen, and CROWDED and saturated. But there is one splinter niche which few are in and the demand is booming, simple, easy to cash in on this one, I'm doing it.

Apps. Imagine your own app on millions of cell phones, and just a few dimes cost, can bring you in thousands of dollars, ez to create apps, your future??

There you go. Fresh, recently researched information which could be worth tons and boatloads of moolah to you.

Too busy to write a report, but maybe a two page hotsheet, if anyone wants it, I think a buck an idea is not too much to ask, is it?

If I have to create a promotion and salespage, offer a fuller report, bet your bippy the price rises accordingly.

This a fishing expedition, any interest? (May discuss privately if you want to create information or products for one of these as a JV with me).


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