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May 28, 2022, 10:44 AM
Let me try to tie some things together, put a bow on it, as they are wont to say.

Going to be boring for those older members, nothing new.

From, you don't get paid for doing nothing to building a huge business which gives you money, free time and satisfaction.

Money; to get it, GIVE VALUE, make an exchange. I love to exchange INFORMATION for dollars, it has been my bread and butter for over 30 years.

Others like to exchange things, like jewelry; watches, bracelets, necklaces, etc. or whatever.

Now the SECRET, which should be job one, is to connect what you are offering to those who WANT/need whatever that is.

It is the most simplified way to explain how to create FAST money, even wealth if that is what you are after.

Connect A want/need to a buyer.

Doesn't get any simpler does it? We (Dien and I) like to connect Entrepreneurs with ideas, or tested and proven methods to build a business, now a combined 40 years just on sowpub (21 each)...and having interacted with hundreds of people, we have a pretty good feel for the pulse of, especially, one person business Entrepreneurs.

It is who we set this forum up for. Those people who want to be their own boss, to work for themselves and to have the freedom from bosses, supervisors and "getting the memo" about forms.

Freedom in business, doesn't come without struggles though. And to continue success requires commitment too.

Long ago, I seperated Entrepreneurs from MONEY makers, in fact once wrote the report on JUST MAKING SOME DANG MONEY.

It was 25 years ago a motivation for the original Chattel Report, for those who DID NOT want to set up a business, but just wanted a way to have cash coming in on a regular basis.

And we have over the past two decades presented scores of ideas, both for businesses and for just making some dang money.

I'm always on the lookout for something new. A decade ago, I discovered headlight cleaning, and tested it, got proof it worked, and did it. Could easily walk out the door today and make 200 bux doing it TODAY.

Just one of the many ideas we've explored over the years.

Now some old timers recall my summer in the library. In 2003 our County library was being renovated and for two years the library was in an old grocery store, and the neat thing, the "downstairs" special collection was made available. This includes magazines and books from the 1850's on.

I spent a summer (documented here) searching thousands of old publications and doing research on Direct Marketing in America, I feel that I am as expert on the subject as anyone.

I found ads running during the Civil War, selling things by mail. And I saw early editions of Sears, Roebuck and JC Penny and Montgomery Wards catalogs and learned why these took off like they did (the railroads).

I put together a complete history of COPYWRITING and researched work on this, and some find it hard to believe, but it is true, by 1910, almost all the principles of writing direct mail copy or direct response advertising had been figured out. Long before the GURUS and the must read men of the 20s, 30s and 40s. So much for innovation.

By the time Gene Schwartz was writing his brilliant copy, he would have a had swipe file going back almost 100 years.

I may run out of gas typing this, and want to get to the part YOU can actually use and benefit from, but it may take awhile.

Persuasion and influence. Propaganda. Fake news. All came into being in the earliest days of the twentieth century. By WW II Hitler had a master of propaganda and the strategies were pretty well known and used by all sides.

But we examine human behavior from a less mass control sort of view, and relate it to making money and business, although we don't lose sight of it.

Human behavior. What do people want?

I was introduced to Maslow's pyramid in my teens and began a lifelong study of needs, wants, motivations. That, coupled with an interest in "magic words" as described in Spiders, Snakes and Mice, Oh my, the words used by salesman to get money from people...

laid out a pretty good foundation of knowing what people want, even if they don't.

And it was fairly easy to apply these lessons in face to face or person to person settings, even in groups, but when you start to want to do it via REMOTE means, it takes more skill, more finesse, more understanding.

And soooo.....

We have a tendency here to focus on money and business, because without it or a lack of it, we don't get to do other things we may want to do...but I call your attention to the other worlds out there, and you can keep a money making eye open there too.

I am NOT a woodworker, or metal smith, or mechanic...no, no no, you don't want my fat little fingers anywhere near your power tools or machinery...

I respect those that can...both my brothers and father were very good with tools, mechanically inclined and not afraid of cutting their fingers off, I mean, I did it with a butcher's knife, god knows what would have happened around a saw.

But I belong to several groups of woodworkers, smiths, and jewelry makers as well as a few a tensor COIL or tensor ring groups, I know what a cubit is and the different frequencies, like I can tell you which wood working tool to use to make different cuts, but you would neve want me to actually make them, see?

One reason I hang out in these "hobbyists" groups is over the years I have consulted with many of them, using my marketing knowledge to help them improve their businesses. So, I've had to learn about woods, and how to make soap, and how to melt copper, or measure it into cubits, wrap it a certain way, the frequency of all things...

And to finally get around to THIS point, IT is possible to profit financially from your hobby, with a caveat a warning, it might be best not to make it a full time business, but if it remains a love of doing and you can make money from it too without it becoming a headache...

then friend you are in high cotton and life just gets better and better.

It is a big world out there, lots of fun things to do, lots of ways to make money, lots of interesting things in this world...

just remember a couple of ancient Gordon mantras:

Where the head goes, the body follows.

You don't get paid for doing nothing.

and the TRIAD:
Doubt is the shadow of fear.
Confidence a reflection of experience.
Action the revelation of faith.


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