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Dien Rice
May 30, 2022, 12:23 PM
Thanks Gordon,

I agree, there are (at least) two types of biz-opp buyers...

Those who just want something, then stop... And those who are always looking to improve their lot, always looking to improve their their business earnings and activities...

The first group buy, then stop buying. The second group will keep buying, if you keep giving them good information so they can continuously improve their lives...

It's like this forum. A certain core group keep coming back, because there's always great new information here... :)

I'm without a doubt in the second group... I'm always looking to improve (and it's been a good strategy for my life so far, I'd say)!

Looking forward to more insights!

Best wishes,


Business Opportunity, often known as Biz-Op, and money making opportunities, where a business need not be formed...

Is an evergreen market, the myth is that many Op seekers are too poor to buy your offer.

TRUTH: Best avatars, ideal prospects for customers who buy Biz-Op or Marketing information are not the desperate wannabees.

The best target for your offers is someone already DOING, having some success and wanting to scale it up or improve their ROI, and are looking for ways to automate, scale, outsource, or in general to eliminate as much slop and mess from their lives as they can.

Stay away from tire kickers, looky loos, and TIME WASTERS, they will eat your lunch if you let them.

Target those of an Entrepreneurial mindset, even if they only do their Biz Op on a part time basis, much more likely to become buyers.

MORE truth vs. Myth later.


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