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July 24, 2022, 09:21 AM
Mainly for new visitors, Dien is making social media efforts, and so they might have questions when they land at this strange little forum they never knew existed, as it has for 22 years now.

What makes most HOTSHEETS, hot=is time expiration. If they don't expire, I usually call them folios, or infosheets or infographics if they have a lot of, er, graphics on them.

So, a HOTSHEET I did in 1999, for the Y2K Coming apocolypse, will be very dated, and although they may exist on some ancient hard drive stacked in basement, I would be hard pressed to tell you which one they are on.

Fortunately, we've had members since the start, and honestly, some of you are better archivists than Dien and I have been, although Dien is pretty good.

Now, on some occassions, I call it a HOTsheet, when I think the information is really hot, although, it does not expire, like my persuasion one (601)

Also, a great amount of my work is unavailable, prior t0 2016, you'd have to ask Dien Rice about it, but even then, much of it is OFF MARKET, long ago, I decided NOT to join any guru groups who used a time limited offer, and watched as their clocks ran out, then renewed the next day.

I consider that slimy marketing, but it is embraced by many gurus.

When I say it is gone, as many of you know, it goes up in a puff of smoke and I am not inclined to visit the past.

I sort of remember the past, getting harder each day, but I still BEHOLD the future, and stay present in the Day, IT has enough need/want to take up most of my time and attention.

So, if you dive in the archives and come across a 12 year old post about one of my reports, folios, hotsheets or whatever, chances are it isn't going to resurface anytime soon.

HOWEVER, I'm here.

And I do still respond to questions, and comments on just about any subject or idea you have in mind, so ask away, just not personal, fair enough?


Hotsheet 601 the original https://www.angelfire.com/biz/gjbiz/influence.jpg

And both sides


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