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Dien Rice
August 13, 2022, 11:56 PM
Hi Gordon,

I think what I'm talking about may be akin to "imposter syndrome"...

"Imposter syndrome" can affect even those who are very accomplished!

Maybe it's a fault of thinking too much...

One well-known translation of the Tao Te Ching says...

"Stop thinking and end your problems"... (https://terebess.hu/english/tao/mitchell.html#Kap20)

Maybe there's some truth to that!

It makes me also think of the fabled link between many famous writers and either nicotine, or alcohol, or both...

I'm pretty clean-living... I don't drink, smoke, or shoot up heroin... My main "vice" is the occasional cup of coffee... :)

But I wonder if - for some of these writers - nicotine or alcohol gives them some "Dutch courage" to overcome their own doubts...

Just thinking out loud...

Best wishes,


P.S. Spirituality can bring many benefits... without (in my view) the downsides...

Platitudes and pablum. Her advice:

Do something that proves your brain wrong. Do hard things. Try something new. Sharpen your skills.

Healthy self-confidence is built by mastering new things and overcoming things you once thought you couldn't.
When it comes to deciding what action you should take to build confidence, ask yourself, "What would I be doing if I had more self-confidence?" Then, go do those things.

It's as simple as that. Change your behavior first, and the way you think and feel will begin to shift.

Even the site had to say: The opinions expressed here by Inc.com columnists are their own, not those of Inc.com.

I'm sorry, appreciate the effort, but that is nothing but psycho babble. Nonsense.

If we could simply do the things we lack confidence in doing, by doing them...then the snake wouldn't be eating its tail.

What action? In golf it was very specific. In sales, it is specific, did you take action on selling tickets to comedy clubs, did you take action on being a band manager, did you take action to go to Africa?

In IM, and let me stick with my wheelhouse, INFORMATION, I have laid out a very specific step by step Plan Of Action, based on small steps.

A hotsheet.
A four page expansion, or White Paper.
A short report with pics, graphics.
A longer report from feedback, Q and A and more detail.

From there, one can go to a course.
Or a limited time membership.
Or affiliate.

In ecom, even though I don't ebay, or Amazon...I do buy and sell using Internet, but the small action is going to a garage sale, just did that.

Selling one thing on Marketplace. Just did that.
Reinvesting into stored value.

Etc. Etc.

These are very specific ACTION steps, not simplistic "do hard things" as the esteemed Psychotherapost would have you do...I mean, if we could simply do hard things, then there wouldn't be a lack of confidence.

Honestly, I appreciate you researching this, and of course, a Psychotherapist should be taken more seriously than ME.

Maybe that is why millions are in therapy to begin with, they just THINK they need that specialist help, when maybe what mommy and daddy told them when they were ten, would suffice.

Not to rant. Albeit, maybe I did...but whatever someone wants to do, there have been footprints in the sand, to follow, they haven't been washed away by the tides of time.


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