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August 12, 2022, 01:16 PM
Call it a mantra, say its a slogan or a war cry from the Personal/Self-development or even the business arena...it goes like this:

Follow your passion.
Do what you love, the money will follow.
Or be the authentic you, and enjoy your money making adventure.

If you want to make money, do this________ or that______ or whatever turns you on.

So, doesn't it go to goals, and lifestyles? Multi millionaires who operate even small businesses doing 40 to 50M A YEAR, are working very hard in and on their businesses. Because, probably they love what they do.

I don't ebay.

Right now, I'm following a few people who are doing and going the ebay route, following some trusted, proven advice from those that have been successful. One person has spent over 500 hours in the last two months.

Or roughly a full work week, of 40 hours a week, and that may be a little bit of an understatement.

But taking him at his word, that is a lot of work. Daily, he must SOURCE products, currently on a very limited budget, going to Goodwill and thrift stores as a supply source, cleaning, laundry, pics, posting, wrapping, mailing, and awaiting refunds. I have watched a dozen different ebay experts this last couple of months...

And what I see, are...

WORKER bees. Maybe for themselves, they claim to be FREE, but so far, none of them making 100k a year are taking months off at a time. No selling, no income.

Which is why I DON'T eBay. I DO buy and sell stuff, but it is almost 97% local, within 30 miles of me. And instead of investing 1500 dollars into 200 shirts, shorts, trinkets, or whatever...I'd look for ONE item, with stored value in it and flip it fast for a 300 dollar profit, knowing circulation beats storage.

I DON'T have a warehouse, garage, shed, storage facility or basement full of stuff. I love that.

I also don't have employees. Did at one time, didn't like it, or some of them...so like Harvey Brody, I let them all pursue their bliss somewhere else.

I don't do ecom, for most of the same reasons, sourcing, selling...although, I am working on a % basis with some who are getting into it, but only as a consultant on the selling part...not the operational parts. Too much slop and mess for me.

I DON'T do affiliate marketing. Did. I liked selling Jim Straw's stuff when he was with us, today, don't want to waste time offering what in my opinion, are marginally useful products just to make a buck. So, I don't.

I don't work more than 20 hours a week, and for most of the past 22 years here, I haven't. I love that too.

Get to a place, make your dough, maintain, and do other things.

NOT for the highly motivated. NOT for those seeking to make a name for themselves. NOT for big business builders..but it suits ME just fine.

I don't work 12 months a year, even at 20 hours a week, many months may be spent doing other things, older members here have witnessed some of my travel adventures. I think it was the rattlesnakes and black widow spiders of the desert of New Mexico which tamed my want to travel.

So, let me ask the world a general question.

Are you doing what you LOVE to do, like I am?

Life gives us what we ask for, as long as we're willing to pay the price, eh?


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