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Dien Rice
October 10, 2022, 05:27 PM
I think we may have talked about this ad before... But in my opinion, it is an absolutely stunning space ad...!

The psychology in this ad is a wonder to behold...

It was written by Bud Weckesser, for a book published by his company, Green Tree Press. The book was written by Raymond Steinbacher...

I think we have talked about the time that Gordon Alexander and I had a meal with Raymond Steinbacher, in Erie, Pennsylvania, I think it was in 2009... back when Gordon was doing some consulting work for Green Tree Press... Bud (who wrote the ad) had sadly at that point passed away, but we also got a nice tour of their impressive house by his wife, Mary...


The headline is...

"How To Make Your Computer As Easy To Use As Your Telephone ..."

This ad ran a lot of places... As well as newspapers, I've found it ran in the Weekly World News, Time, American Legion, Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine, Popular Mechanics, Popular Science, American Guardian, National Geographic, Home and Away in Kentucky, Good Housekeeping, Michigan Living, Working Woman, The Atlantic Monthly, The Ladies' Home Journal, and others!

According to Michael Winicki, as reported by Lawrence Bernstein, this ad sold 1.5 million copies of the book, at $12.95 each... meaning just over $19 million dollars in sales...!

The ad ran (from what I can tell) from around 1998 until 2002...

It's targeted at older folks...

I want to point out the incredible comic accompanying the ad... I feel this comic makes the ad much more effective!

Here it is, blown up...


Imagine at the time... you're an older person, new to computers, maybe a little bit confused about them... Yet young kids, like perhaps your kids or grandkids, run rings around you when it comes to using them...

You may feel a little bit embarrassed... even humiliated...

Yet look at the comic!

"Grannie" is using the computer with ease, and even has a "Web Master" visor cap on!

The kids are stunned!

She's turning the tables on those pesky computer-loving kids, and humiliating them!

The promotional psychology in that comic is amazing... :)

You can see a full-sized copy of the ad, and read more about it, on Lawrence Bernstein's excellent blog...


Best wishes,


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