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Dien Rice
November 1, 2022, 03:15 AM
Hi Glenn,

Thanks for sharing that!

Like many people, I've always had a fascination with "con artists"...

Why would that be?

I think part of the appeal is that, they are not who they say they are...

They pretend to be someone else...

Kind of like the thief in your story pretending to be a janitor... or a security guard...

Or Frank Abagnale (see the movie "Catch Me If You Can") pretending to be a Pan Am pilot, or a doctor at a hospital...

Or Bernie Madoff pretending to be an investor with the "magic touch"... When in reality, he was running a Ponzi scheme...

Or even more recently, Anna Sorokin pretending to be a wealthy heiress, and getting people to "loan" her hundreds of thousands of dollars... Because they trusted she could easily pay it back... (She never did, because she spent it all.)

I think the appeal may be similar to the fascination with spies, who are also - at least in the movies - pretending to be things that they are not...

I believe there's a part of all of us that, deep down. would like to be someone else - at least every now and then, anyway!

Thanks for sharing, Glenn!

Best wishes,


Thanks Dien,

This Rascal was SO TALENTED at his craft.


That a team of coppers followed him everywhere.


Story #1 - He walked into a UK Museum. Dressed as a Janitor. Walked over to a
100 million painting in a room without a camera. Cut it out of the Frame. Stuck it in a garage bag and walked out.

Story #2 - He Leased a Guard Uniform. And leased a Big Heavy Truck - the kind that delivers moolah to banks.

Walked into a Museum - Past Security.

Had all the Forms to Sign.

Security actually Helped him Carry Art Work (Scheduled to be Transferred that day) Out to his Truck. He drove away.

My Favorite.

Story #3 - Our Hero Liked To Steal Jewelry because he could fence it for Cash.

Break into a Jewelry store?

Heck no.

He follows Expensive Jewelry Salesmen around. Figures out their Routine.

ONE MAN had a Habit of carrying one case (500K) into the house at a time. Locking the trunk btwn Trips.

Our Hero walks over.

Pops the Trunk with a little Crow Bar.

Walks away with the 2nd Trunk of Jewelry.


He did this over and over with Jewelry sales people.


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