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December 4, 2022, 05:51 PM
Thanks Dien,

In 2 of the Songs on hew new MIDNIGHTS Album.
Which outsold all others on Day 1.

...Taylor Swift advises Women to "DRESS for REVENGE"
after getting dumped by men.

Taylor had her 1st 6 Albums STOLEN from under her. (Not given a chance to Buy them. Couldn't Perform them at her Concerts without PAYING!)

And wore a REVENGE DRESS for an Interview with Seth Myers.

Here is a link to a COSMO article.

THIS is why Taylor is SO Popular with BIG BRANDS.

Her Song Lyrics GIVE WOMEN a Sense of POWER.

But they also Sell their Stuff!

(SIDE NOTE - 1st dress Taylor wore on TicTok SOLD OUT.)



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