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November 15, 2022, 09:17 PM
Most newsletters are monthly, however, The NPGS Hotline Update was a sequenced newsletter.

Whenever someone came in, they got issue 1. So it was in a sequence, and there were slugs, slots if you will, in one for TIMELY updates, if there were any.

So, say, for example, you organized your scores of newsletters into TOPICS.
For example PETS. So issue 1 could have dog poo pickup, doggie treats, dog grooming, dog walking. Cat toys, cat boxes, etc.

Issue two was for Birds, 3 for reptiles, and so on, what happens in effect, you sell to a new group of prospects targeted more specifically.

So you simply pull out the topic from each of your past newsletters, repackage it and have multiple newsletters in the mail, add on some affiliate offers, or your own, and the lists become very specific.

Now, you may have Biz Op in general, but do it TOPICS: Pets, Food, Home Repair, IM, etc., and you now have the content you've done, repurposed to a new crowd.

So, think of the ads in Facebook, instead of a general Make Money from home, it might be...Pet Lovers: 10 ways to make money from home, Bakers, 10 ways to make money from home, and if the content is sparse, some Newsletters could be BULLETINS, ALERTS OR...wait for it.



HOTSHEETS. A monthly hotsheet on Pet businesses, and so on, this might fetch a 5 dollar recurring income X number of topics, for work you've already done, with a little mangagement and updates.

And, AND, with a sequenced newsletter, hotsheet, it has twice the shelf life, so instead of one year, we ran the first edition of NPGS for 30 months, not 12, before we started the second issue. Some decent software and this can be automated pretty much from the get go, eh?

It was my TIDAL WAVE intention, to do just this, with Ohio Sports Betting and with seasonal sports, NFL, MLB, NBA, Golf, etc., etc. I was going to have a hotsheet for each, including special OFF season Bulletin/Alerts.


Hi Gordon,

I think you're absolutely right...

I've given thought to ... how can you do this with info-products?

One way which is similar - but not identical - is with a paid subscription newsletter...

The idea is that people have to stay subscribed to keep getting it.

It's not exactly the same because, with a Starbucks coffee, or with WD-40, they just keep "producing" the same thing over and over again, day after day, month after month, year after year...

A cup of Starbucks Coffee, or a can of WD-40, will be identical whether you buy it in November, December, or January...

However, if you put out the identical same newsletter in November, December, and January - nobody will stay subscribed!

Another example might be a kind of "reference" service... Which is essentially a type of "database"...

For example, I currently subscribe to "SpyFu"...

SpyFu is a database of what's being searched for, as well as what ads are being run on Google - that kind of thing. It's constantly updated.

If you want to keep access, you have to keep paying the monthly fee.

I love the SAAS ("Software As A Service") model... Essentially, it is software on a subscription model. I plan to dip my toe into this in the not-too-distant future (I'm working on it as we speak)...

I'm not a current subscriber, but I've been a subscriber to Estibot in the past. This is a service that gives you an estimate of the value of domain names... It's a type of SAAS service.

Having said that - there are still many, many opportunities in more traditional "consumable" fields too...

Thanks for a great topic, Gordon!

Best wishes,


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