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Dien Rice
November 23, 2022, 09:34 AM
There was a guy at my school... I think his name was Rob...

That poor guy got picked on... a lot.

One thing I noticed, was...

He never fought back.

I think he lacked confidence.

One "rule of the playground" that I figured out was... when the bullies pick on someone, if that kid doesn't "fight back" in some way, they get picked on... again and again...

However, let's say another kid gets picked on. And this kid "fights back" in some way...

Even if they get "hurt" in the short term... In the long term, they're better off.

The bullies find someone else to pick on.

Because the kid who "fights back" is simply too much trouble. The bullies figure out that it's better to pick on the kids that don't "fight back"...

I thought about this because I was leafing through Ben Suarez's book, "7 Steps to Freedom II."

What is Step 1?

Ben's Step 1 is... "Create self-confidence."

I think Ben's right. Nothing happens unless you start with some self-confidence.

Although it's not exactly the same... the kid in the playground with some self-confidence - who then "fights back" - is better off in the long run... even if they get a little "beaten" in the short run.

Business and entrepreneurship can be like that. In the short run, you have to risk getting a little "bloodied"...

But in the long run, you'll be better off! Because with each experience, you'll learn a little bit more on how to succeed...!

Okay, that's my rant for today... :)

Best wishes,


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