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March 24, 2023, 05:29 PM
Thanks Millard,

While Testing Steve Jobs Strategy (Elevator Energy) of Raising the Energy of
everyone around him in order to attract a ton of money - he told my client Randy
and me about.

I Discovered that WHEN you Raise the Energy of the waiter or waitress IN FRONT of a guest.



A Neighbor invited me to Lunch with a home owner Client of his.

I Thanked The Waitress.

Handed her a LOTTO ticket. Asked, How many cooks in the Kitchen today?"

Gave her 3 more.

Waitress Smiled and Hopped around.
Lots of Fast Service.

HUGE and I mean MASSIVE plates full of food.

Nancy - The affluent Home owner Twinkled her eyes at me over the table and
said, "Do you think all this food is cuz you BRIBED the waitress and cooks?"


She Insisted on Paying me 31 bucks for the Bottle of Cactus Juice I gave her. TOOK away most of her aches and pains in 15 minutes. (Pretty powerful to be able to do that.)


Nancy Invites me to her home for lunch.

AND Gives me 3 Truckloads of Cut Apple wood.

Calls her neighbor - vacationing in FL. Gets Her to GIVE me 20 Truck Loads of Cut Oak Wood. (Maybe more. I am still moving it.)

Wood to
the Truck.

I chat with a 3rd neighbor. Say, "I see you have some wood left over after you cut that huge tree."

She laughs and says, "You want it. TAKE IT TAKE IT."

Two more Truck loads of Oak wood.

I Bartered a GIFT Bottle of Cactus Juice.
Got Nancy and her Husband Triple The Amount of food.

And Got Literally THOUSANDS of Dollars worth of wood. From 3 Different Home Owners.

Like falling DOMINOS.

Am heating my house NOW with that wood - as I type this.


Here is a Photo. I split half a pickup truck load on my driveway.

To the right is my SOLAR LAMP and Solar oven.

I like to Cook while I cut Wood.


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