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Millard Grubb
February 1, 2023, 06:47 AM
Thanks Millard,

My Combination of LED Lites Instead of Fluorescent.

Motion Detectors that Screw into sockets - then the LED Bulb

(Dr to Dr Clients Tell me Home OWNERS WANT to see what the LED Bulb looks like. And how the Motion Detector and Lamp Work. So they are INVITED inside. CHA-CHING.)


25.00 Solar Lamp (Your "Late Bug" is 119.00 and DOES not say how long it fives light after a full Charge. The 25.00 lite after 7 hrs gives you 12 hours.)

My 10 Years Of Saving 1000.00 a year = 20Grand


You Get the ok to Call them Back.

Email them a PIC of The Correct LED and Solar Lamp


They will TALK to you to Find out how to get the 10GRAND.


P.S. - I always UNDERSTATE the Offer.

"I'll pay you 1000 Bucks for 2 Minutes of your time"

Makes People HAPPY when They find out the 1000 is 10Grand or more
when added up - yr after yr.

Thanks for clarifying things for me on the offers.

Additionally, thanks for the info on your solar lighting solution. Did not realize how much light you actually produce with such little time "charging" it.

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