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November 16, 2006, 10:17 AM
if you like ...copy and paste into word..on 4 to a page ...people keep these and have a lot of fun ..

Hand writing traits analysis

Dot on I’s ..close to stem ..detailed person;
Away from stem….hate details
M’s and n’s have a “v’”..your analytical
M and n’s are needle sharp at the tops,,,,.lightning fast mind
M and n’s are rounded ….you are a fact finder …..talk slowly?
Have figure 8’s in your writing…..fantastic speaker or writer
Your letter ‘o’ and ‘a’ are open….very blunt and ‘honest’
You cross your t’s high ..self confidence, good self image
Big loops in your y’s, g’s, j’s…high energy , sex drive, physical
Have breaks inside the words…or print and write at same time…
Highly intuitive, predictive, 6th sense
Writing is perfectly straight…..level and even…Perfectionist
Writing slopes UP and to the right …Optimist
Writing has loops in upper parts of letters...t, l, h…criticism hurts
Open letters in ‘a’ and ‘o’s…..outgoing ….chatty

Call me …bob mc alister 601 212 5433

also magnetic biz cards for .16 ...in lots of 2500..email me for details ..yep I make a little bit

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