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November 20, 2006, 08:44 PM


Good stories folks.

Here's one more about Getting Beyond objections.

One of my Real Estate clients was pulling his hair out. He'd just sold a former Burger King Restaurant to 18 people.

Picture the closing in an attorney's office:

18 buyers.
4 sellers
One attorney
My friend the realtor

All in a small room.


Jake was trying to come up with marketing ideas for their new restuarant. Figuring if they do well. They'll buy another property thru him.

He couldn't get the committee of 18 to agree to ANYthing.

So he called me...

We got to laughing hysterically as he described rule by committee of 18.

All 18 work in the restuarant!

I told him it sounded like a Laurel and Hardy movie. Or the crash and burn
craziness of the Silent Film Keystone Kops.


We brainstormed a bunch of WACKY ideas.

Pics taken large to small. Tall to short. Have one end of the group photo 18 kneel.

All wear goofy chef's hats. Some tall. Some crooked. Some smashed flat.

Wear signs across the chest with their Job titles.

The game plan
was to run a list
of wacky ideas
past the group.

Until we get to a few that MATCHED what they were already doing.
Where we would get a YES. Because they were backed into a corner of "HEY - You are doing a version of this already."

What a HOOT.

Jake was in SHOCK.

Our plan didn't survive contact with the client.

All 18 loved the idea of a group photo - with their job titles on their chests. Wearing Chefs hats. Or Maybe Holding a sign with their DAY JOB on their chest. CPA, Banker, Secretary, Mortgage Broker.

Press Releases to DIE for.

Newspaper articles to follow that "18 Owners" HOOK.

CHIEF Bottle Washer
Chief Chef
Junior Chef
Mop Pusher
Window Washer

The crazy thing is it should work.

I know I'd come in to watch 18 co-owners work in a small restaurant. They WOULD look like the Keystone Kops reincarnated. At least in the 1st few weeks.


P.S. - And - Talking about avoiding OBJECTIONS...

Here is a you tube video of a Hypnotist who is putting Warm, Fuzzy Pick Up Lines into 3 girls minds. While telling them he is "reading their minds."

Great mis-direction Objection by-pass NLP sales strategy...


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