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View Full Version : No matter what we all Think about O.J. Simpson... O.J. stuff is one "Hot" investment!

November 23, 2006, 03:42 AM
Just a little food for thought...

And I'm sure there are Lots of O.J. Simpson opinions out there, if you care to comment...

"A book becomes collectible when it's hard to find, and this will become very, very collectible, surely worth four figures," speculates Richard Davies of AbeBooks.com, which specializes in used and collectible books.

The book itself was sitting in warehouses across the U.S., waiting for distribution to stores. It won't take much for a few copies to simply disappear. And it's unknown how many dubs of the TV special exist or who might have access to them.

Which means it may be only a matter of days or weeks before you could be watching O.J. spout off on YouTube or some other file sharing site, despite the cancellations. And excerpts from the book could start appearing online.

In fact, some enterpreneurs on eBay claim to have copies and are offering them up for $65,000 a piece.

O.J. Simpson Tell All May Eventually Appear Online



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