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January 19, 2007, 06:21 PM
The idea of salting is a good one.

And the idea of salting by adding some membership sign-ups first is really good, too.

Now the big companies have an advantage, they have a large advertising budget and name recognition.

How does someone using Internet Marketing do it?

The only think I can think of off-hand is to do a product launch, and salt through JV partners and through your own list.

If you are well known online, with a reputation for having turned out some good products in the past, then, like John Reese, it will build up "thirst" for what you might do next.

When I think of the Pipeline Project, it used the salted technique, by bringing out teaser videos, each one giving you more of a complete picture. Then when they launched, they added the scarcity principle of limited amounts being sold. I hear that they did really well with it.

I'm not sure salting would work if you are a complete unknown, but if you have a great track record, then people look forward to what you are bringing out into the marketplace.

Overall, from what I've seen, it's a good idea. It takes a little sophistication to roll out, but once you have a good reputation and some decent mindshare, it will probably go down really well.



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