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January 21, 2007, 01:46 PM
Wow, Hubert Simon - isn't he the "Out Of The Rat Race and Into The Chips" guy?
Bruce Arnold

Hey Bruce,

Over the years we've discovered we have had a similar library...and I love these guys. Hubert Simon's work, "Out of the Rat Race and Into the Chips" in my opinion, was as good as or better than both Joe Karbo's Lazy Man's or Jerry Buchanan's Writer's Utopia Formula Report, although Jerry's T.O.W.E.R.S Club newsletter was the BEST...

My former boss, Fred Felice, used to get Hubert Simon's Restaurant Newsletter, a tips on how to increase business. Fred was an avid buyer (thank goodness for ME) of newsletters and such. He was hooked on Howard Ruff and

These guys all hit about the same time, along with many others, who were promoting the "greatest business in the world".... the INFORMATION by MAILORDER biz.

Chase Revel (John C.Revel) did the Insider Reports, the forerunner to Entrepreneur Magazine.

Guys like Owen Bates, Lee Benson, George Haylings, and so many others...created the original LOOP Marketing system...

The 60-70's drop shipping and cross cataloging is not unlike today's affiliate programs.

If you were caught in the LOOP, like you and me Bruce, then we'd receive one offer right after the other...one guy would sell everything he had and then rent out his list to the next guy...

AH. Today, it is INFORMATION via Internet. Not much has changed really as regards the concept of "information" in all it's forms is still the fastest, easiest to start, most wanted 'product' any average and normal person could create or acquire.

Bruce, even today these OLD Masters, the ones left and still active, are providing valuable information to those that ACT.


The above link COULD be someone's ticket to getting out of the rat race and into the chips, just ONE of the ideas on this page could do it...

Take for example the Mini Shopping Guide that Dean details is making the owners of Coffee News a fortune...and you don't need any franchise to DO this type of thing. I know this for a fact.

Also, there are people that are twisting this idea, doing a HOTSHEET version targeted to a very specific market...creating a FOR FREE, or MERCHANT keeps all the profit HOTSHEET that will produce remarkable amounts of income OFF LINE in very short periods of time.

Anyhow Bruce,

Thanks for remembering these OLD Masters and for keeping their memories alive and their information in force.

Gordon Jay Alexander

PS. This was a response post and is NOT part of the Dylan series.

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