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Don Alm
February 2, 2007, 09:24 PM
Just had to relate a thought I got this afternoon as I was "Cold-Calling" on business prospects for one of my programs;

I walk into a store....ask for the owner....the owner comes out from the back room...I show him my "product"....the guy "comes UNGlued"!

His eyes get BIG....his mouth opens WIDE....as he STARES at MY product.

I tell him How the product can "benefit" him (Which I really didn't have to do...it was "self-evident" WHAT the product does and HOW he can benefit from it)

He asks, "How Much?"

I tell him.....and he says, "Sign me up!"

With THIS kind of reaction I realized something;

WITH A "GRABBER" PRODUCT....you do NOT need to be concerned about "Headlines" or..."Copy" or....much of anything! Just the "sight" or "thought" of the "product".....tells your prospect INSTANTLY....HOW it can benefit him.

I first learned this reaction MANY yrs ago. Here's my first "Grabber" product;

When "Photo Business Cards" first became available (around (1980)...
I became a distributor and tried to sell them.

All the people I showed them to went "GaGA" when they saw them....
...BUT....when I told them the price....their exuberance dropped like a thud.

I don't care how good my "Headline" was or how great my List of "benefits" were... when I gave the price....they withdrew.

So...after a few days of No Sales....I knew I had to come up with a "GRABBER"! Something that would "GRAB THEM BY THE THROAT AND NOT LET LOOSE....NO MATTER WHAT THE PRICE WAS! THEY HAD TO HAVE MY PRODUCT!"

Something that....the INSTANT I showed it to them....they would KNOW "they HAD to have it....no matter WHAT the price!"

So...I went on for a few more days...managed to get 3 or 4 orders...I was getting pretty discouraged and was sitting watching a Video Movie with my family one evening;

The Photo Cards for my first few orders were setting on the coffee table in front of me. I had opened the boxes and was looking at them....how pretty they were....how they would REALLY benefit those who ordered them, compared to their old, Plain Cards.

On the coffee table....alongside the Photo Cards was the plastic case the Video had come in. I subconsciously picked up some Cards and placed them on the front of the Video Case and noticed I could fit 3 Cards, vertically...on each side of the Case....that's when "IT HIT ME";

"WHY don't I put "Photo Business Cards on VIDEO RENTAL CASES?"


These Cases, with Photo Cards on both sides....WOULD BE SEEN by everyone in the home....then....that very same Video Case...would be in a DIFFERENT HOME the next night....being seen by a different family (This was the early days of Video Rental Stores where movies were rented for ONE NIGHT only)

I thought..."Man O Man, if these Cards were on "New Releases", they'd be rented out almost every night!"....and be seen by 20 or 30 familes a month!

So....the next morning, I taped 6 Photo Cards to the Video Case my video had come in and took it back to the video store and showed my "Photo Card Case" to the owner and asked him,

"Could I provide you with FREE Video Cases?"...as I handed him my Sample Case.

He responded with, "Hey! Anything FREE is OK with me!"

So....I made up a few samples and went to the people who had turned me down for Photo Cards.

When I opened my bag and pulled out the Video Rental Cases with PHOTO CARDS on them....their mouths dropped and their eyes got BIG! They were looking at a "GRABBER".

I did NOT have to say anything. They IMMEDIATELY UNDERSTOOD how they would benefit by having THEIR Photo Cards on Video Rental Cases!

I did NOT have to take a "Sales Seminar" or "Copyrighting" class....I had a "GRABBER"! A product that INSTANTLY....GRABBED PROSPECTS BY THE THROAT and WOULDN'T LET GO....NO MATTER WHAT THE PRICE!

Which brings me back to this afternoon when I got THIS kind of reaction from a business owner who had just seen my "GRABBER"!

So....my point here is;

LOOK FOR "GRABBERS"! Products or Topics of Reports or Ebooks that will "GRAB PEOPLE BY THE THROAT AND WON'T LET GO UNTIL THEY HAVE IT!"

Don Alm

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