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View Full Version : Dylan #4 The times they are a changing...with the climate...both real and virtual.

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February 3, 2007, 11:18 AM
I have loved ones in FL...it is always disturbing to see BAD weather take lives, fortunately for my family, the recent FL storms did them no harm...my prayers and good wishes go out to those that didn't fare so well.

A FEW of you have my Katrina tape...and on that I talk about the changing weather conditions and the OPPORTUNITIES it may afford to some.

Here in Akron, OH we are entering into the coldest weather we've had in years...this afternoon the REAL cold air comes in to take our 18 degrees down to below zero...with WIND chill factors of 10-20 BELOW...YIKES.

A world wide consortium of scientists have just put us all on notice...there IS Global warming. Which translates into BAD weather the world over.

Consider this week's news...there are thousands of miles of LEVEES IN the US on the brink of disaster...flooding will become a routine event across America in the next few years...and insurance rates will soar...along with a NEW movement...toward higher/safer ground (affordable) ...(read: write a little report, better yet, a couple of HOTSHEETS on this, and you could produce a bread and butter income)...

As I spoke about on the Katrina tape; fires, floods, tornados, hurricanes, Tsunamis, volcano eruptions (one coming soon)...and the impending EARTHQUAKE that destroys the West Coast...are NOT figments of some dooms day profiteer (Howard Ruff and Gary North pop into mind)...

they are ongoing FACTS of life. Part of the Parade of Life.


As one of the great lines in moviedom says, "Time to get busy living or get busying dying." Morgan Freeman in Shawshank Redemption.

Another of my favs: be part of the problem...or be part of the solution.

OK. OK. Gordon...what about the opportunities you wrote about in the last Dylan post?

Honestly....I'm hesitant to even talk about them. Why?

Well let me tell you a quick little story.

A guy named Ed came to Cuyahoga Falls to pick my brain. He was, supposedly, a big "FAN" of my work...and now I have greater sympathy for the Lindsey Lohan's of the world...may WE never have to face the scrutiny of the papaNazi's who are just "doing their jobs"...

Anyhow, Ed was sincere, after all he spent his time and money to come visit with me...he arrived downtown and I met him at the stage, hey, even if it is only an audience of one, I was ready to perform.

We have an Ice Rink in the winter, and in the summer we have Friday nite parties, and weekend events on the Mall, and the little amphitheater is home to some pretty good home grown talents.

I made Ed buy me lunch at our local coffee shop...and got to know him a tad bit better...trying to find out HOW or even IF I could be of service...

I said, a quick story. CUT TO CHASE:

Ed left with some good ideas...said he would get back to me...and I haven't heard from him since. AH...perhaps you were thinking he stole stuff...a FEAR I've never had...never will...because like YOU, I'm impossible to copy....anyhow...

I feel that day was one of those that get put into the BLACK HOLE of time section of my life...just think, I could have had a nice lunch, and perhaps a DeeLightful afternoon with one of my friends...and nibbled on cheese doodles as well as ear lobes.


It is about TIME. That hasn't changed for me in two decades. Almost ALL of my peers, mentors, contemporaries...have had more steak and lobster and shrimp dinners than I have (and they have the gout to prove it)...more "fine" wine...hey, I don't drink but there was a time when Pagan Pink Ripple was the only friend I could count on...

And they have bigger cars, homes, clothes...and yet no one...NOT any of them have had MORE TIME to pursue their "true loves" or other activities. I perhaps should have paid a little more attention to getting a better firewall built around my finances...but that retrospective look back doesn't help NOW. Besides, I have my MEMORIES of the TIME spent doing what I wanted, with whom I wanted, when I wanted...and that seems to be what so many people are LOOKING for...

and they wrongly think that MONEY is the answer...well, do a little research on lottery winners and you'll see that even they don't do very well with all that free time and tons of money on their hands...

Which leads me to this:

One way to measure the quality of your life is to have control of your TIME first, and use a portion of it to make your finances as you want them.

IF anyone is REALLY interested, (ED, don't bother, OK?) is sincere about getting started and pursuing a real Internet Opportunity...

then you need to invest 7 dollars today. Do that and then we'll talk.


After reading this, I truly believe this could be the STARTING point or the FINISH line for so many people. Why?

Because INFORMATION in the information age is not only NOT going away...practically ALL of us will consume a ton of it in the next couple of years...and it could be information that allows us to make a difference in our futures and in the future of the world as we know it today.

Gordon Jay Alexander

PS. IF you do spring for the 7 bux, send me an email and I'll give you some IDEAS on the kinds of information that you could probably create and cash in on TODAY. Fair enough?

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